Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Webster For Target

So I went to Target this afternoon to check out The Webster, which is their latest designer clothing collaboration. I'd never heard of The Webster before and honestly didn't even know they were launching today until I read about it just a couple days ago on someone's blog. There just wasn't a lot of buzz about it. So I decided it was safe to go to Target in the afternoon, as opposed to first thing in the morning when everything usually gets sold out. And I was right - pretty much every piece in every size was still there as of 4:00 pm this afternoon. There were no other women hovering around the racks and feverishly picking up every single item. Nope, it was just me. Which was nice for a change. This was how it used to be when I shopped the Target designer collaborations in years past. I'm really not sure why ever since Missoni, there's been such a shopping frenzy. Anyway, it was nice to be able to leisurely look at each item. After walking around for a few minutes, I decided to bring back only this dress with me to the fitting room.

Item: Strapless Maxi Dress by The Webster for Target
Color: Wallpaper print cream
Size: XS
Price: $44.99
Overall Rating: 3/5

First of all, I'm really into maxi dresses now that I'm pregnant. They're easy to slip on, super comfy, and they can grow with you as your belly grows. Not to mention they're a stylish choice for those hot summer days. The dress fits pretty true to size, although I try to avoid strapless dresses whenever I can because I'm constantly pulling them up. I would've preferred this as the Crossback Maxi Dress, but that style only came in the Flamingo print AND it's only available online. I definitely like this color combo a lot better, but my husband said that the fern print made me look older. I guess I agree - I wish it had been some type of pretty floral print instead. I think the length is great because I would be able to wear this dress with just flat sandals and I wouldn't have to get it hemmed for my 5'3" height. The material felt really nice and substantial. Because there doesn't seem to be any signs that this dress will sell out soon, I think I will hold out for a sale.


  1. I just found your website while looking for Target Webster dresses! I'm also pregnant (18wks today) and due in October as well! It's good to know that the long maxi dresses are true to size, I just hope it'll fit me in length. I've been wearing maxi dresses too, especially since it is getting to be so hot now!

    1. Hi! I'm glad my review could be of some help. These maxi dresses are great for expecting women :) Congrats on your pregnancy!