Saturday, January 31, 2015

Orla Kiely for Clarks Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Coming Soon

Here's our first look at Orla Kiely's newest collection for Clarks, which should be arriving in stores and online mid-February. Of course, I'm super excited about this collection - everything looks lovely and the closest to my style than the previous collections. Once again, it'll be difficult choosing a favorite, but so far I have it narrowed down to the styles shown in the last column. Which ones are your favorites?

Friday, January 30, 2015

New Orla Kiely Travel Accessories at Target

Thanks to one of my awesome readers, Rachel, I just found out that Orla Kiely has released a new set of travel accessories for Target. Check out her pics below.

Included in this set are a luggage strap, fold up tote, and laundry bag. These items still feature the Car print, so they will easily coordinate with the already existing luggage and overnight bags. I am so excited for this release because it means that this travel line is doing well. Hopefully, Orla Kiely will continue to collaborate with Target, and maybe even expand into other departments (I vote for kitchenware next!)

These items are not showing up online yet, so make sure to check out your local Targets! Again, a big thank you to Rachel for letting me and the community know about these wonderful finds :)

Orla Kiely Spring/Summer 2015 Etc Collection Now In

Orla Kiely has just launched her SS15 Etc collection, and it's super cute! This collection features the Punched Stem print in tarpaulin, along with a couple new additions - the Tall Flower Stem and Giant Flower print. Oh, how much I love this collection! Everything is so super bright and fun and happy. So excited for spring now! Make sure to shop the entire collection here, and stay tuned for the Mainline collection and the latest Clarks shoe line, which should be dropping mid-February.

Orla Kiely Baby Bibs Now Available at

Orla Kiely's line of baby bibs for Target is now available online. Looks like they're an online exclusive, but I'm thinking that's only temporary and will soon be available in stores as well. I'm probably going to pick up a few as baby gifts for friends as my little one is, well, not so little anymore (and maybe, just maybe, pick up a set for myself just in case we ever have another little one J).

20% Off Select Orla Kiely Handbags from Amazon

Amazon's 20% off handbags promotion is back again! Just use code 20SPRSHOES at checkout. Highlighted in this set is the Embossed Stem Leather Margo Bag, which is already on sale for $275.98 so you get an additional 20% off the sale price. Check out the entire sale here. And if you're an Ebates member, you also get 3% cash back on handbags and wallets purchases.

Now $220.78 with promotion (originally $468)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Orla Kiely Spotted: Lena Dunham in Solid Crepe Georgette Shirt Dress

Lena Dunham in Time Out New York
Spring/Summer Resort 2015 Collection
Retail $448

Orla Kiely Sale Now Up to 60% Off

Orla Kiely's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection sale just got better - all clothing items, Giant Linear Stem, and Tulip Stem Print purses and accessories are now 50% off, Mainline collection is now 40% off, and the Stem Quilted and Buttercup Stem Printed Nylon collection is now 60% off! Check out all the wonderful deals here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Orla Kiely Baby Bibs Coming Soon to Target!

Orla Kiely currently has a line of diaper bags for Target, a series of children's books that are available at numerous book retailers, and a collection of kids bedding available for purchase from her website. I love all the kids items that are currently available, so I'm super excited to announce another Orla Kiely item making its way to the baby department...

A collection of adorable bibs for both baby boys and girls!




Oh my goodness, all of these are SO cute! My little one is now too big to be wearing a bib (breaks my heart a little!), but I have friends who have little babies and it would be so much fun giving these as gifts (will I still buy them for myself for a potential future baby? Probably. Don't judge). It's probably a good thing my son is too old for these now, because he would've surely stained every single one and I would've been upset (yes, over bibs. I know. It's just that they're Orla Kiely...)

On Target's website, they're currently listed as "out of stock online" and "not sold in stores." Which was the same case for the first two diaper bags I posted about, which have now mysteriously disappeared from Target's website. I'm worried that might also be the case for these bibs - tease us with a preview and then remove it from the site, with no word as to when/if they will pop back. But let's all keep our fingers crossed that these will make their online and store debut soon (and maybe this means there will be more baby items to perhaps?!)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Orla Kiely with People Tree Available at Asos

A few of Orla Kiely's latest pieces in collaboration with People Tree are now available at Asos. Again, the price points are a bit higher, but Asos has a US site, which means you won't have to worry about paying for duty fees or VAT charges (think of those as already factored in the listed price). Plus, shipping is free on orders over $40.

So far, it looks like only the Wallflower prints are available. Maybe this means the Birdwatch print will soon follow :)



I love these detailed stock photos at Asos because they provide us with a nice little closeup of the pattern. The button detailing on the back of this shirt is also a cute touch. I think these closeups also give you a good idea of the texture of the organic cotton - check out my review on Orla Kiely's Monochrome Tea Dress for an even better idea of quality and fit. 

I absolutely LOVE this entire outfit. Totally something I would wear, especially with that white scalloped crop top. I don't think I would pair these pants with the matching top - I'd prefer to keep these two pieces separate and maybe pair the top with some jeans instead. But I'm loving the combination of these pants with a white lacy top!

Up to 40% off Orla Kiely at Fab is having an additional 40% off sale, which includes several Orla Kiely bedding and bath items. If you're not a member of Fab yet, click here to join and you will receive $25 off your first purchase of $75 or more :)

There's only a few items left, but definitely still some goodies to be had. There's bedding in the Wallflower print, along with a couple towels in both the Stem and Abacus print in several colorways.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Orla Kiely Diaper Bags on Sale at Target

Orla Kiely's line of diaper bags for Target are now 20% off. Click the links below to shop them online, or check out my previous post if you want to find them in stores.

Now $44.99 each (originally $49.99 each)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Orla Kiely Dandelion Bedding

Orla Kiely has recently released a new bedding pattern, now featuring the Dandelion print. It's been awhile since we've seen anything in this print, so this is a nice little surprise. I think this particular pattern is versatile enough to pass for both kids and adults bedding.

Available in single ($135) and double ($150)

Check out my previous review post for the Around the World bedding here!

Friday, January 23, 2015

15% off Orla Kiely at ModCloth

Everything at ModCloth is now 15% off with code GOOGLY, which means you can now snag their latest Orla Kiely with People Tree dresses on sale! I noted earlier that their price points were a bit higher than what they're listed for on People Tree's UK site, but this discount brings them down to about where they should be, plus you'll get free shipping and not have to worry about duty fees or VAT charges.

Soar Look Sweet Dress (now $118.99) and Drawn to Design Dress (now $131.74)

New Orla Kiely Markdowns at Anthropologie

There are some fresh cuts at Anthropologie today, and among them are a couple Orla Kiely bags. See which ones below!

On sale $249.95 (originally $458)

On sale $229.95 (originally $558)

On sale $229.95 (originally $558)
I know I originally said this purse was a bit too bold for me, but somehow this blue version is growing on me. It could be the fact that the shearling doesn't stand out as much in this darker color - I'm not too fond of that fuzzy material, especially since I live in Florida where it might seem very out of place. But I do like the shape and contrasting white leather accents.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Where to Find Orla Kiely's Newest Bags at Target

A couple of Orla Kiely's latest bags for Target are now available in stores and online. I used Target's "search in store" feature to find which store in my area had the bags, and I only found the Two Pocket Diaper Bag in Blue/Green at one of the eight stores near me. 

It was located with all of the other diaper bags, very inconspicuously placed. No prominent display at the end of an aisle. No grand Orla Kiely sign like the ones for the travel or yoga collection. Yup, just blended in with all the other diaper bags. And if you didn't know who Orla Kiely was, you'd probably overlook this one because of its plain blue color amidst the other patterned diaper bags.

One reader noted that she saw one of the Stem Flower Print Diaper Bags in Red/White mixed in with the Orla Kiely luggage section. I suppose if you work for Target and you're not familiar with this line, this would be the most logical place to put it. I'm guessing the rest of the totes will make their quiet debut in stores over the next few weeks, so make sure you check out your local Target in both the baby and luggage section. If you spot one in your store, please let us know!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Select Orla Kiely Totes Now Available at Target

Two of Orla Kiely's latest additions to Target's line have made their debut online and in select stores.

$49.99 each

The other two totes (the ones I liked better of course) have mysteriously disappeared from Target's site, and the links I posted are no longer working. Not sure what this means, but hopefully they will pop back up soon. In the meantime, check out the two above that are now available.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

20% Off Select Orla Kiely Bags from Amazon

Now $150.40 with coupon code (originally $188)

Use code 20OFFBAGS at Amazon to receive 20% off select bags from Orla Kiely's latest Multi Stem and Spring/Summer 2015 collection, along with a few past season goodies (coupon code expires 1/22/15). Plus, you'll get free shipping on orders over $35. Shop the entire sale here.

Also, Ebates is offering 3% cash back on handbags and wallets (sign up here if you're not a member yet). Happy shopping everyone, and enjoy your three-day weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Orla Kiely with People Tree at ModCloth

Yesterday, I wrote about Orla Kiely's latest collaboration with People Tree. Although this UK-based company delivers to the US, there may be duty and VAT charges, so ordering internationally is always risky. This is such a bummer for us Orla Kiely fans in the US, but luckily ModCloth is selling a couple pieces from the People Tree collection. The price points are a bit higher, but I guess you can think of it as duty fees and shipping charges factored in.



Thursday, January 15, 2015

Orla Kiely with People Tree Spring-Summer 2015 Collaboration

Orla Kiely has teamed up with People Tree once again to release a Spring-Summer 2015 collection, this time featuring the Birdwatch print and Wallflower print. The pieces are fantastic and make me excited for warmer weather! Check out the video below to watch Orla Kiely talk about this latest collaboration.

£90 (approximately $137)
This is by far my favorite piece out of the collection. If you remember Kate Middleton's dress, then you'll fall in love with this one.

Birdwatch Gathered Dress in Green and Grey
£78 (approximately $119)

Birdwatch Strappy Dress in Green and Grey
£80 (approximately $122)
The green version of this dress is definitely a close second for me - it just looks so lovely on the model in the video above.

Birdwatch Tee in Green and Grey
£36 (approximately $55)

£90 (approximately $137)

£85 (approximately 129)

£60 (approximately $91)

£60 (approximately $91)

Lucky for us US fans, People Tree delivers internationally for only £2 (approximately $3) for orders over £70. You can also sign up for their emails, and receive 10% off your first order.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Select Orla Kiely Target Items Now 20% Off

Select Orla Kiely items are on sale for 20% off now until Saturday, January 17. Items include the entire yoga line (review for yoga bag and review for water bottles) and select travel accessories, such as the luggage (review), overnighter (review), and wristlet (review). If you haven't bought anything from this collection yet, now's a great time - all the pieces are multi-functional and of course adorable!