Tuesday, January 31, 2017

15% off Orla Kiely Cosmetic Bags at Target

Target's latest Cartwheel offers include 15% off cosmetic bags. There's a new selection of Orla Kiely bags, so this is definitely a welcomed offer. I finally got a chance to check them out in stores the other day, and a couple of the styles are actually a bit different in size and how they are organized inside. For example, the Weekender now comes with a detachable "pencil" case, which can also be used to store makeup brushes and such. Check them out in stores if you haven't yet!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Orla Kiely 70s Flower Kitchenware for BlissHome

Orla Kiely has added onto her 70s Flower kitchen range. See all the lovely new items below!

These containers are made of vitreous enamel and have a silicone lid. They are dishwasher and freezer safe.




This little guy is so cute! The wooden handles are heat resistant and removable so this item becomes dishwasher safe.

An Orla Kiely roasting tray? Yes, please! This tray is oven safe up to 500 degree F.

New Orla Kiely Technology Items

The latest in Orla Kiely technology is now available on the UK/Worldwide site. Included in this collection are iPhone cases and folios, battery chargers, and tablet covers.






I love that Orla Kiely has come out with an iPhone charger. I think this is so practical and something I'd love to carry around in my purse because it's not only useful, but super adorable as well.

Talk about a throwback! We have not seen anything in the Martian print in years, and I'm excited to see its return here. This print was part of a special project for Tate Galleries in 2004.


Designed to hold tablets that measure 7-8", this folio has a textured outer shell and a Big Spot Flower printed microfiber lining to protect your device.

New Arrivals to Orla Kiely's Sale Section

A few items from Orla Kiely's SS16 collection have popped back in the sale section, and items are marked down to 70% off! Check out everything that's available here. Happy shopping, everyone :)

On sale $153 (originally $510)
I own this bag and it is quite lovely. The design is definitely reminiscent of Orla Kiely circa early 2000s.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Orla Kiely Homeware Items Coming Soon

Dermott Jonathan (aka Orla Kiely's husband) has been teasing us on Instagram lately with pics of upcoming homeware and stationery items. I am always excited for new kitchen items as they are not only adorable, but practical as well. See his lovely pics below!

[All pictures courtesy of Dermott Jonathan's Instagram page.]

The egg cups in the background are adorable (although I know I would never use them as such). I purchased some eggs cups that I found at Burlington awhile ago, and I actually keep some in a hanging wall basket to store my keys

This is one of those items that I'm obsessed with...but I'm actually afraid to purchase. I just know that I would never want to use them, which is a shame because they are meant to be used! Perhaps I'd get a set to use and a set to keep just as a collector's item. I did finally get around to purchasing the Orla Kiely Coloring Book, so these would be perfect for that. 

So many new things in this pic! First, the salt and pepper shakers up front. There's already an Owl and Cat/Dog version, but these Hens just might be my favorite. Also, in the background, looks like there are new ceramic pieces in the classic Multi Stem print (they were originally available in the Multi Stem Scribble Print, so if you missed out on those, these are a good alternative).

So what do you all think of these pieces? Are you as excited as I am for their official release?!

New Orla Kiely Cosmetic Bags at Target: Multi Olive and Big Tulip Prints

Orla Kiely has just recently released another collection of makeup bags at Target (see previous releases here, here, here, and here). I'm honestly not as excited about these as I have been with past collections. Don't get me wrong - the prints are still nice (which were originally used in last year's Halfords collaboration), but just not my favorites. I could probably hold off until these go on clearance, and even then, only purchase them if I have an immediate use for them (as of right now, I probably have almost every piece from every makeup bag collection Orla Kiely has ever done for Target. So it's safe to say I have enough haha). 



Is it just me, or does this cosmetic case seem a bit longer than previous ones? I know I could've just taken a moment to compare the dimensions on the website, but I never really trust how accurate those are anyway. So if anyone has happened to see this in person already, could you please tell me if it's the same size as train cases in the past? Or is the print just playing an optical illusion on me?



My Favorite L'Orla 2017 Pieces

I spent last week trying to play a bit of catchup on my blog and posted the entire L'Orla 2017 collection (see dresses, tops, knitwear, skirts & trousers, and shoes). Now, I wanna take a few moments to share which pieces are my favorites. Check them all out below :)

I love the print and ruffle detailing of this dress. I don't think I could ever pull it off, though, since turtlenecks and high necklines in general freak me out a bit. While I do like the look of them, I just feel so uncomfortable wearing them and I end up pulling at the neckline throughout the day.

So this dress would be a better alternative. Still has the same beautiful print and there are cute ruffles on the sleeve hems. I also love the collar and waist detailing.

Such a cute style dress, especially with the eyelet detailing along the front. I also like that you can layer something underneath to create different looks.


It's no surprise why I like this cardigan so much :)

I think the blue shade of this cardigan is so pretty. I love its overall simple design with just the right touch of feminine details with the ruffle bib front.

A great shoe for both casual wear and dressier outfits.

Which pieces are your favorite from this collection? I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Orla Kiely launch her own Spring/Summer line soon :)