Saturday, February 28, 2015

Orla Kiely SS15: Scribble Sunflower Print in Evergreen and Indigo

The Scribble Sunflower print is probably my new favorite of the season (alongside the Tall Flower Stem). Although both coloways are extremely lovely, I think the Evergreen is my pick of the two,  with green being a favorite color of mine already. Also, the pink centers of the sunflowers add a nice accent.

My favorite look from this season!

This pattern somewhat reminds me of all the daisy prints that seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays. This print was super popular when I was a kid growing up in the 90s (I mean, seriously, I should've just kept all my clothes from middle school. I would be so in style today). I'm not sure how I feel about this trend coming back because on the one hand, it makes me very nostalgic, which can be a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. But on the other hand, I don't want to be reminded of all my teen years, which I'm sure many of us can agree with. But Orla Kiely has a way of taking what's trendy and putting her own spin on it (daisies? Pshhh! Let's do sunflowers!) I think the Scribble Sunflower print is a wonderful modern take on today's floral trends, and the colors available are super gorgeous.

Scribble Sunflower Necktie Dress
£299 (approximately $462)

Scribble Sunflower Short Sleeve Dress
£299 (approximately $462)

Scribble Sunflower Gathered Skirt
£209 (approximately $323)

Scribble Sunflower Shirt
£199 (approximately $307)

The rest of the items are currently only showing up in the Indigo color. I hope these items will become available in Evergreen soon as that one's my favorite! These items are made of a textured vinyl instead of leather, which is actually a really great alternative because it looks like leather, but it's much easier to clean and maintain.

£159 (approximately $245)

£189 (approximately $292)
This is probably one of my favorite Jeanie Bags ever. What's missing are the leather trimmed corners and middle dividing compartment, but I actually like these changes because it provides a more modern streamlined look. I also like the placement of the logo on a detachable leather hanging pouch instead of on a front leather pocket.

£139 (approximately $215)

£99 (approximately $153)

£89 (approximately $137)

Orla Kiely SS15 Etc: Giant Linear Stem in Sky Blue and Stone

The Giant Linear Stem is a print we've all become familiar with as it's been used the past few seasons in a variety of colors. It's a pattern I've loved since its debut, and Orla Kiely has once again reimagined this design in two new colorways - Stone and Sky Blue, the latter being a super creamy and dreamy shade of pale blue that has quickly become a new favorite of mine. Take a look at each piece below, and shop the entire collection here

Giant Linear Stem Print Shoulder Bag

£119.00 (approximately $184)

Giant Linear Stem Midi Sling Bag

£119.00 (approximately $184)

Giant Linear Stem Zip Messenger
£109.00 (approximately $168)

Giant Linear Stem Backpack Tote
£129.00 (approximately $199)

Giant Linear Stem Zip Shopper
£99.00 (approximately $153)

Giant Linear Stem Zip Holdall
£139.00 (approximately $215)

Giant Linear Stem Big Zip Wallet
£59.00 (approximately $91)

Giant Linear Stem Pencil Case

£25.00 (approximately $39)

Giant Linear Stem Travel Pouch

£69.00 (approximately $107)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Orla Kiely Stationery for Studio Oh!

Studio Oh! has created a new line of Orla Kiely stationery that includes memo pads, note cards, address books, and pens and pencils in a variety of classic prints. Each piece is almost too adorable to use - I'm sure once I get my hands on these, many of them will just sit as decoration on my desk :) Some of the items, however, I know I would definitely use often, such as the pens, file folders, and push pins. I have an A5 Weekly Agenda in the Sixties Stem print that a friend of mine gave me for my birthday this year, and I just find it too pretty to write in! I know that's silly, especially since I'll only be able to use it for 2015, so I'm going to make an effort to use it daily to jot down notes or maybe even use it as one of those little "one line a day" journals.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like these items are available for online purchase, but you can check here to find a local store that may carry this line. It looks like there are several places in my hometown where I might be able to purchase these, so I'll check them out soon and report back what I find. In the meantime, check out all the pieces below and let me know if you find them in a store near you!

Memo Block - Multi Stem

Memo Block - Sixties Stem

Memo Block - Linear Stem

Boxed Noted Cards - Multi Stem

Boxed Note Cards - Sixties Stem

Boxed Note Cards - 3D Flower

A5 Journal - Linear Stem and 3D Flower

Paper Pen Set and Pencil Set

Notebook Trio and Pocketbook Trio

A5 Address Book and Slim Address Book

File Folders

Push Pins

Binder Clips