Thursday, November 28, 2013

Orla Kiely Black Friday 2013

Orla Kiely is having a 20% off Fall/Winter Collection Black Friday Sale starting today through December 2. This is a great opportunity to purchase that purse or blouse you've been eyeing, as Orla Kiely rarely has sales until items are pushed to their past season section, and even then you're risking your item being sold out. Below are my picks from this Black Friday sale. Happy shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

On sale $558.40 (originally $698)
I'd been wanting a yellow coat for a while now and I love the mod shaping and details of this happy yellow coat. The detachable collar is a also a plus!

On sale $350.40 (originally $438)
I think this is by far the most GORGEOUS dress Orla Kiely has ever designed!

On sale $398.40 (originally $498)
A classic simple bag with just the right touch of fun.

On sale $71.20 (originally $89)
Perfect for holding all your credit cards, ID cards, gift cards, etc. Right now, all of my cards are just rubber-banded together into one giant coin purse. This would be perfect for organizing all of them!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review: Frye Jenna Disc Short Boots

Black, size 7
I'd been obsessed with these boots for months before I finally bought them. They are pricey, but I searched everywhere looking for a good deal - eBay, Amazon, Zappos. One day, while doing one of my routine searches for these boots, the first site that came up was Cusp by Neiman Marcus. For whatever reason, that day these boots happen to be on sale for like $340 and they were having an additional 25% off shoe sale promotion. So in the end, I got them for $261, including tax and shipping and handling. I haven't seen them for this price since that day, so I guess it was a fluke, but oh well! I got them for a great deal and I'm SO happy with them!

It took me awhile to decide which size to get. I visited a Frye store in New York and tried on both a size 7 (my usual size) and a 7.5. At first the 7s were SO tight and I felt the 7.5s fit much better. But I was skeptical. I'm NEVER a 7.5, so I went back to the store the next day to try on the 7s, and they fit perfectly! I was wearing the same thickness of socks, so I don't get it (maybe I'd just tried on an irregular pair???) Anyway, I'd say they run true to size. They are a bit stiff at first, but just like any shoe, you have to break them in. Now they are very comfortable and I'm able to wear them with thin or thick socks, and tuck them into my skinny jeans.

I love the distressed look of these boots. Because they're already scuffed, they are pretty low-maintenance - I don't have to worry about keeping them in great condition because, honestly, the more worn in they become, the better they look in my opinion. I especially like to wear them when it's rainy and yucky outside - keeps my feet dry and warm and the weather gives them a more worn vintage look.

I love all the buckle details - they give them a tough, rugged look. Not usually my style, but I was inspired by other bloggers who styled them with leggings and girly blouses and I was sold!

I have to admit, I didn't like the discs at first. But the more I saw other bloggers styling them, the more obsessed I became with them. I think they somehow make this otherwise tough boot look more girly and fashionable.

Made in Mexico (better than made-in-China!)

These boots are fantastic! So comfy and surprisingly versatile. Their unique look provides a great starting point for which many fun outfits can be created around.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: AG Stevie Ankle Jeans

Glimpse, size 25

After having lost quite a bit of baby weight (40 pounds to be exact!) my new favorite thing to do is try on skinny jeans. I'm excited to finally be out of my maternity and postpartum jeans, so I'm currently on the hunt for some new denim. I found these AG Stevie Ankle pants at Anthropologie, and although I wasn't initially drawn to the color (I tend to like a darker wash) I decided to try them on anyway. They didn't have my usual size 26, so I opted for the 25s. I was skeptical at first (I haven't been a size 25 since I got married. At the time I was hardcore into working out and dieting in order to look my best for my wedding), but I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to slip them on easily. I actually weigh less now than I did before I was pregnant (110 pounds vs. 115), so I'd say these run try to size. And there is some spandex so they'll stretch a bit with wear. I like that my thighs don't look like encased sausages and there's no horizontal lines stretching across the front, a couple problems that I always have with jeans. And I ended up actually really liking the color. I think it can be dressed up or dressed down, and the length is awesome for my 5'3" height. Because I'm wearing a smaller size than what I'm used to, these are definitely self-esteem-boosting pants for me and I'm tempted to purchase them at full price, but yikes! $168 for jeans is really expensive for me. I've never purchased jeans for that much before. Although I have many designer denim pants that originally retailed for $200, I ALWAYS wait for a sale and am often able to snag them for 50-75% off retail. I just have to wait a really long time and I want them now! Especially since almost all of my jeans are now saggy and loose (a good and bad thing at the same time). I'd say if you've got the budget for these jeans, get them! The fit and color won't disappoint. But if you're like me, looks like we'll be waiting for a sale.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Bows and My Boy

What I'm Wearing:
AG Legging Jeans

Ever since I cut my bangs, people have been asking me if I'm channeling Zooey Deschanel. Well...sorta. I am inspired by her style, but I just really wanted a hair change for the winter season and bangs seemed like the way to go. I've been growing my hair out for quite some time simply because it's been so long since I've had long hair. But come summertime, I'm cutting it all off again! In the meantime, I get occasional trims about every three months, but when it comes to my bangs, I HATE paying someone to cut them for me when it seems simple enough to do myself. SO I found this article that shows a very simple way to cut your own bangs, and so far it's worked out well for me (I trimmed my own bangs for these pictures and I think they turned out ok!)

My son is now a little over one-year-old and he's awesome!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket

Mossy Brown, size XXS

The coated canvas jacket that J. Crew offers every season has always mystified me. I never understood the love for this jacket. Maybe it just seemed too boyish or the pockets too military-style, but I'd never been drawn to this jacket like many fashion bloggers seem to be. On a whim, however, I decided to try it on. And I'm officially a convert. 

First of all, the fit is fantastic. I'm in an XXS in the photos above. I think the tailoring gives it a feminine fit, yet there's still some room for layering underneath. I like the "mossy brown" color, which reads more as an olive green to me. I like the look of rolling up the sleeves to reveal the plaid detailing. It also helps the jacket to look more feminine in my opinion. The coated cotton wasn't too shiny and seems to make it an ideal jacket for spending time outdoors (which in my case simply means walking around the Town Center shopping). I like the gold hardware - a good contrast against the brown/olive color.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Reviews: LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Pintuck Top, Bow Pleated Top, Tulle Maxi Skirt, Heart Skinny Ankle Jeans, and Lace Fit and Flare Dress

Size XS
On sale $37.50 (originally $50)
I love the icy blue color of this blouse, and the crochet collar is SO pretty. Hopefully a good ironing will help get out the ripples along the pleats. Overall, it fits and flows very nicely. The color makes it a multi-seasonal blouse. Although I don't need yet ANOTHER polyester blouse from Lauren Conrad, I can't help but wish list this one. 

The collar really is gorgeous, and it's what initially drew me to this blouse. 

Navy Nile, Oatmeal Heather, Size XS
On sale $40.50 (originally $54)
I wrote a review for this sweater last week in the Heather Gray color, and I held off on buying this sweater because I wanted to try the navy and oatmeal colors first. Now, I'm more torn than ever because I think I like all three! I hate purchasing the same thing in different colors, so I'll still narrow it down to one choice, but I haven't decided yet. I think, however, that I can eliminate the Oatmeal Heather (originally my first choice) because after trying it on, I realized I liked the darker colors better - makes the sweater a bit more slimming since it is a bit oversized. And I think the lace details blend in a little better on the darker colors. The black on the Oatmeal color stands out more, making my shoulders look a bit too broad.

Size XS
On sale $33 (originally $44)
Oh how I love this blouse! It was my favorite from this reviews set (and the only one that came home with me!) It's very Kate Spade-esque (without the Kate Spade price). The material feels nice (polyester again, but somehow feels more substantial than the other blouses in Lauren Conrad's collection). This blouse is just so cute! And I think the black and white color combo pairs nicely with the dusty blue corduroys I'm wearing in these photos. The bows are just so festive and fun - perfect for the holiday season!

I like how the bow pattern continues throughout the blouse. Usually, Lauren Conrad's tops have a solid back, but I was happy to see the bows on the other side. 

Cameo Rose, size XS
On sale $48 (originally $64)
Even though this skirt is very impractical for my everyday life, I still think it's AWESOME! I love the dusty pink color and the gold waistband. I pulled it up high enough so that it wouldn't drag (too much) on the floor (I'm 5'3"). I'm turning 30 in a couple months and I can see myself wearing this for my birthday celebration. It's just so girly and whimsy and pretty. 

Although the waist was very comfortable - didn't feel too tight - it did dig in a little, creating a little muffin top (ugh!). So I think I'd have to wear some Spanx underneath or at least a top that's a little more forgiving.

A full-length shot. I like how the black looks with this skirt, but I wouldn't just wear a black cami. It would have to have a little more detail than that, but not too much, because there's certainly a lot going on with this skirt already!

Size 0
On sale $27 (originally $54)
I'd been wanting another pair of heart jeans to replace my AG Stevie Ankle Heart pants, which are now far too big on me since I've lost some baby weight. I like the lighter color of these jeans and the subtlety of the hearts. The size 0 fits, but just barely. The waist created a muffin top on me, so up to a size 2 I went. A much better and more flattering fit. Such a fun pair of jeans!

Cameo Rose, size 2
On sale $51 (originally $68)
This dress is pretty much a knockoff of Plenty by Tracy Reese's Mariposa Lace Dress. However, this version is by far more affordable compared to its $248 cousin.  

I felt very comfortable in a size 2. There's a side zip that pulls easily, which is nice because I always seem to have a problem with zippers getting stuck. The color is a nice blush pink, making it wearable year round. There are, however, a couple cons.

First, the length is a bit too short for my taste. It hits right above the knees. I wish it were more a knee-length skirt to make it more wearable. 

And the biggest con - the neckline of this dress sits far too low. Clearly my bra shows, which makes me wonder what kind of bra would work with this dress. It'll of course have to be strapless, but I'm worried about finding one that sits low enough to hide underneath the dress. I really wish the neckline sat higher. 

The waistline is just screaming for a belt! I think this dress would look fabulous with a skinny black patent leather belt or even a thicker corset-type belt.

A shot of the back on the hanger (because I'm simply not talented enough to take fitting room shots of my back). There's a nice cutout detail, but it's cut high enough that your bra doesn't show (now if only I could say the same for the front!)