Friday, May 4, 2018

Additional 10% off Orla Kiely Homeware & Garden

Orla Kiely's Homeware & Garden sale is now an additional 10% off (prices shown reflect the discount). There are just a few items left, but definitely still some goodies to be had. Check out everything that's in the sale down below!

£38.25 (was £85)

£27 (was £60)

£27 (was £60)

£9 (was £20)

£15.75 (was £35)

£8.10 (was £18)

£13.50 (was £30)

Owl and Ela Elephant Large Tray
£15.75 (was £34.99)

£11.25 (was £25)

£6.75 (was £15)

Multi Flower Oval Garden Kneeler £18 (was £37.94) and Potting Gloves £8.10 (was £17.94)

Flannel Giant Stem Pillowcases £12.60 (was £28) and Single Duvet £31.50 (was £70)

Linear Stem Single Duvet in Graphite and Olive £31.50 (was £70)

£45 (was £100)

£31.50 (was £70)

£31.50 (was £70)

£31.50 (was £70)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Orla Kiely Linear Stem Eyelet Curtains in Dandelion


Orla Kiely has added a new colorway to her collection of curtains - the Linear Stem print in Dandelion (see previous colorways here). I absolutely adore this color, but I'm seriously running out of windows in my house to put curtains on! She also recently added a Duck Egg version of the Multi Stem print - these recent additions make me excited for what else she might have in store for us (I'm hoping she creates different prints for her curtain line as my house is now inundated with the Stem pattern haha).

Orla Kiely Baby Bags

This season, Orla Kiely has created a line of baby bags, something I'm quite excited for since becoming a second-time mom not too long ago. Each style is just a slightly altered version of her original line - a bit larger to accommodate all the things you would need to carry around for a baby and includes a changing mat - so these pieces can easily transition to everyday bags once you and your little one have outgrown the need to carry a baby bag.

Sixties Stem Backpack Baby Bag $158, Sling Baby Bag $158, and Zip Messenger Baby Bag $169

Classic Multi Stem Baby Bag £197, Sling Baby Bag £155, and Zip Messenger Baby Bag £165