Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Orla Kiely Cushions at Hurn and Hurn

 New Orla Kiely cushions have arrived at Hurn and Hurn! These pillows are soooo pretty and even though they are available in a variety of colors and prints, they all seem to coordinate well together. A couple of the styles are 100% cotton, while the others are a polyester/viscose/cotton blend. They range in size from 45 to 50 cm squares, and according to the product info, there is a zip fastening so you can remove the covers for dry cleaning. Shown above are the front covers with their coordinating back designs. I am certainly in no need for new cushions, but my favorites are the Spot Flower in Tea Rose and Buttercup Stem in Persimmon.

[From top left]
Buttercup Stem in Buttercup and Persimmon $38.82 || Spot Flower in Tea Rose $66.54 || Climbing Daisy in Yellow/Olive and Charcoal $55.46 || Sixties Stem in Dark Marine $66.54 || Acorn Cup in Charcoal, Dandelion, and Moss $49.91

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Barker and Stonehouse Orla Kiely Collection

Orla Kiely has launched a furniture collection with Barker and Stonehouse that includes sofas, chairs, footstools, and even a bedframe. Needless to say, I am SO excited for this release - owning a piece of Orla Kiely furniture would definitely round out my collection! Let's take a look at what's available below.







I have been looking for some armchairs for my living room for quite some time and this would be absolutely perfect for that space!


I've always wanted a little bench for the front of my bed so I'm happy to see this as part of the collection.

Another awesome chair that I would LOVE to have in my living room. The details on the back are so beautiful!


I am desperate to have this footstool! I just love this print and colorway so much and think it would be great for my handbag room as it not only looks pretty, but also serves as a functional piece for those hard-to-reach handbags on the upper shelves.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Welcome Back, Orla Kiely

After a nearly 6-months hiatus, Orla Kiely (and I for that matter) are finally back! In September 2018, our favorite designer quite suddenly shut down her websites and flagship stores, leaving many fans to wonder what happened and if she would ever return. After months of speculating, we finally got our answers, thanks to an interview The Scotsman conducted with Orla Kiely. And today finally saw the relaunch of her website and what I hope will be the ultimate comeback.

In today's post, I'll focus on some of the major changes to the website, and we'll delve further into the available products later this week.

First up, the overall look of the relaunched website is much more streamlined. The main page has a white background with simple font and these four images showcasing the latest designs.

There's only three drop down menus - one for bags, accessories, and to explore the brand. The list of bags looks impressive, but there's actually not too many to choose from - just five different patterns (Solid Stem, Flower Tile, Stem Garden, Bunch of Stems, and Linear Stem), many of which appeared in the Autumn/Winter 2018 Lookbook before the website shut down last fall. While I'm not complaining, I do hope to see a return of her mainline collection, which included her leather handbags and accessories. 

Many people are also noticing that delivery is quite limited - no longer are they offering worldwide shipping (such a bummer for U.S. fans such as myself), but they do note they will be expanding to additional countries later this year.

Some bag designs also have new names. For example, the "Bestie" shown above was simply called the "Backpack" or "Backpack Tote" in previous seasons. Some styles stayed the same, such as the Classic Shoulder or Midi, while others took on new names. Another example would be the Watson, formerly known as the Zip Messenger.

Another thing I noticed, and something I've always wanted, are photos of the bags shown on models. While dimensions have always been given in the product info, these pictures are super helpful to get a better idea of its size and how it looks worn.

Overall, I AM SUPER EXCITED for Orla Kiely's return! I was in disbelief when I first heard the news that her company went into liquidation - I didn't understand what it all meant and I just could not imagine never seeing my favorite designer create something new again. The relaunch of her website is just the beginning and I am looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us.

[side note]

In a weird way, OK's hiatus probably came at a good time for me personally. As you are probably well aware, I myself have been absent from this blog, even before news of the company's struggles. At the time of my last post (a loooong 9 months ago), I began working two jobs while juggling household duties, taking care of my family, and battling the worst anxiety I'd ever felt, which I attribute largely to postpartum depression. However in the time since, I resigned from one of my jobs, which itself alleviated a lot of stress, but I also got serious about losing the baby weight. Eating better and working out more has contributed immensely to both my physical and mental health, while the resurgence of my favorite designer has inspired me to get back to doing one of my favorite hobbies - writing this blog. I do hope I can mirror Orla Kiely's relaunch with a relaunch of my own. So thank you for sticking around and...welcome back. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Additional 10% off Orla Kiely Homeware & Garden

Orla Kiely's Homeware & Garden sale is now an additional 10% off (prices shown reflect the discount). There are just a few items left, but definitely still some goodies to be had. Check out everything that's in the sale down below!

£38.25 (was £85)

£27 (was £60)

£27 (was £60)

£9 (was £20)

£15.75 (was £35)

£8.10 (was £18)

£13.50 (was £30)

Owl and Ela Elephant Large Tray
£15.75 (was £34.99)

£11.25 (was £25)

£6.75 (was £15)

Multi Flower Oval Garden Kneeler £18 (was £37.94) and Potting Gloves £8.10 (was £17.94)

Flannel Giant Stem Pillowcases £12.60 (was £28) and Single Duvet £31.50 (was £70)

Linear Stem Single Duvet in Graphite and Olive £31.50 (was £70)

£45 (was £100)

£31.50 (was £70)

£31.50 (was £70)

£31.50 (was £70)