Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Orla Kiely Stationery and Office Supplies at John Lewis

Orla Kiely has just released a new collection of stationery and office supplies, and they are now available at John Lewis (haven't seen them on any US site yet, but hopefully that'll change soon!) Some pieces have been available in the past, but they appear in new prints. There are also some brand new items that I'm really excited about. Check them all out below!

Slim Elephant & Bunny and Linear Stem Ringbinders, Pack of 2
These binders are my favorite out of the new releases. I always archive my son's artwork from school, and these would be perfect for that. 

Elephant and Multi Magazine File
I also love these magazine files, which would help me declutter and organize all the papers on my desk.

A5 Hardback Bunny and Elephant Notebook

A5 Multi Stem and Navy Stem Notebook

A4 Multi and Navy Document Holder


Floral and Animal Storage Boxes, Pack of 3
I love these storage boxes - they just have endless uses! I can't quite tell what they are made of, though. There were no details in the description, but they appear to be made of cardboard? If anyone knows, please let me know!


These postcards are much too pretty for me to use. I can see myself just framing these and making a wall gallery out of them :)

Orla Kiely Climbing Rose and Flower Stripe Cosmetic Bags

New cosmetics cases have arrived at John Lewis. They appear to be quite similar in quality to Target's range, but several of the styles below are different. 







I'm most excited for this brush case as I don't believe Orla Kiely has ever released anything like it before. It's perfect for traveling or storing brushes you don't use that often.



Orla Kiely SS17 Mainline: Suede Embroidery in Black and Coffee

This is probably one of Orla Kiely's most retro designs - the sunflower embroidery against the suede material is very 70s. My favorite piece from this collection would definitely have to be the Posy Bag - bucket bags are very trendy this season, and I especially like the gold chain detail on this one.





Saturday, March 18, 2017

Orla Kiely SS17 Mainline: Applique Face in Navy and Orange

I feel like this is the bag that everyone was most excited about this season. It seemed to create quite a buzz during last year's New York Fashion Week, when teaser pics of these bags first began appearing online. But I feel like this design is going to be very polarizing - you'll either love it or hate it...

And I LOVE it!

It's such a fun and quirky design. There is a lot going on with the leather appliqu├ęs and adorned shoulder strap...but somehow, that all works together well in my opinion. I especially love the scalloped sunglasses and the tiny heart-shaped mouth. The Lolita in Navy is my favorite and I hope to add it to my collection one day.


The inside features a Linear Stem jacquard lining, and it has quite a wide opening so it should be easy to access all your items inside.


The flowers on this strap are movable, and it appears that you can open up the strap completely, so perhaps you can even remove the flowers and put them on other bags :)


This little purse is so cute! Small wallets are my favorite, and this one seems large enough to hold all the cards, cash, and coins you'll need. It's also nice that it has side gussets so you can open up this coin purse for easy access.

And if the purses are too much for you, these key rings are a more subtle way to enjoy this design.

Honestly, one piece from this collection should be enough, but I want them all! Are you on the side that hates it...or loves it? And if so, which piece is your favorite?

Orla Kiely Foldaway Travel Bag

Orla Kiely's latest travel bag design (Classic Stem print now available at John Lewis, Love Birds at Orla Kiely) looks a bit different from the travel bags we've seen for the past few seasons. This newer design is a bit larger (H41.5 x W55 x D16 cm vs H17.2 x W16.2 x 4.4D cm when full), has a cotton handle, and a top zipper closure. I quite like this style better as it holds a bit more and has the added security. Which style do you prefer?