Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Orla Kiely Beauty Products to Launch Soon

Orla Kiely has teamed up with the retailer Boots to create an exclusive collection of bath and body items that will launch in October. The range will include soaps, lotions, and body sprays that will be available in the scents Sage Lavender and Orange Caraway. The packaging, as always, looks so beautiful! Read more details about the launch at Good Housekeeping.

Up to 70% off Orla Kiely at Target

Just wanted to let everyone know that Orla Kiely’s latest travel collection for Target is now up to 70% off in stores! I was able to purchase the suitcase pictured above for just $54 (originally $179.99!) Just make sure you actually use a price finder to scan the tag – never trust what’s printed on the price tag! I’ve bought items that were only marked down to 30% off, but they rang up for 70% off! I’ve noticed, however, that many of the Orla Kiely items are no longer showing up in the system when you use the in-store price finder. I’ve had to ask a sales associate to scan the price for me, and they were be able to tell me the most recent and accurate price for the item. One cashier told me that whenever that happens, they’re about to clear out inventory of that item and send it somewhere else. Where?! I wanted to ask, but I restrained myself. I’ve recently started seeing the yoga items at Ross and some of the really old Method hand soaps at T.J. Maxx, so my guess is that they’ll end up at a retail store like that. BUT if you can find them at a Target store now, definitely pick them up because they are such awesome deals!

Orla Kiely's 10th Anniversary

If you’re going to be in the London area tomorrow, make sure to stop by Orla Kiely’s shop in Covent Garden to celebrate the store’s 10 year anniversary. Light refreshments will be served, and all items will be 10% off!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Orla Kiely AW15: Sweaters and Cardigans

Super adorable!

Living in a warmer climate doesn't give me much time to enjoy wearing sweaters and jackets. I've been told, though, that I'm lucky that I don't live in a colder area with snow, and while I appreciate that, I still LOVE fall and winter fashion, and sometimes I do wish we had colder weather (and maybe even some snow!) If you do live somewhere where it's actually starting to feel like fall, check out Orla Kiely's sweaters and cardigans from her AW15 collection below :)

Intarsia Geometric Fairisle Sweater

Lurex Mohair Cardigan
Gold and Onyx


Mohair Window Pane Sweater

Orla Kiely AW15: Hats and Scarves

It's still super warm here where I live so it's difficult to even think about hats and scarves right now, but it's still fun to at least look forward to colder weather :) Below are Orla Kiely's latest hats and scarves from her AW15 collection.







Orla Outfit of the Day: Rainy Day

Orla Kiely for Uniqlo tunic dress
Merona cardigan
LC Lauren Conrad bow necklace

It's been quite rainy here in the Sunshine State lately, which usually bums me out, but at least I get to wear my super cute rain boots :)

And for some reason, I equate rainy days with cooler weather...which it TOTALLY wasn't where I live, but I always get excited this time of year and pull out my cardigans and sweaters as soon as the weather even dips below 85 degrees :) 

Photo from my Instagram. Follow me @iloveorlakiely :)

Happy Monday everyone, and I hope you all enjoy your week!

Orla Kiely iPhone 6 Cases Now Available in the US

Orla Kiely's iPhone 6 cases are now available on the US website. In the past, it would take awhile for the US site to stock the latest items, but now it seems they are releasing many of the items at the same time (or at least really close to) as they debut on the UK/Worldwide site. It seems Orla Kiely is realizing that her US fanbase is growing :) I'm so happy that these are readily available in the US and I don't have to worry about international shipping fees. I wonder if these will be available in stores as well? Now all I need is an iPhone 6! I currently have the iPhone 5 and am not in any need of a new phone at the moment. I always end up with my husband's hand-me-downs as he usually likes to get the latest and greatest, so soon as I get his iPhone 6, I'll definitely pick up these cases. It'll just be difficult choosing a favorite :)

Yellow is just such a fun and cheerful color, and currently one of my favorites.

I love this new Cat print, which also incorporates a flower design in the corners. The Flower Stem is also a classic and personal favorite of mine, so this pack might be the one I end up with. I just kinda wish they were available in a different colorway. I do think the colors look lovely, but the apple green is just not my favorite. If it were more of a mint green, then I'd be happy with that.

Elephant & Tulip Stem iPhone 6 Twin Pack
$34.99 and $39.99 for iPhone 6+
The Elephant print is beyond adorable and I think the colors on the Tulip Stem case are SO pretty.

Here is what the inside of the case looks like, which is made with a moulded TPU inner, while the exterior is made of a high gloss hardshell.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Orla Kiely: Math Inspired

When I opened up my email today, I was delighted to find this email from Orla Kiely announcing its latest design inspiration, which uses elements from math and specifically geometry. If you've been following this blog for awhile, you'll probably know why this makes me so happy. If not, let me take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been a high school math teacher for the last nine years. I have taught Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry during this time, but Geometry is what I've been teaching mostly for the last five years, and it's where my passion is. It's my absolute favorite subject to teach because I feel I can be really creative in my approach to teaching and it's always fun to incorporate various art projects that apply geometry. And Orla Kiely's AW15 collection is a great example of math used in real life. The grid-printed sweaters, dresses, and purses are meant to mimic graph paper, while the Spot Square, Spot Square Triangle, and Square Spot Flower printed bags and clothing make use of geometric shapes.

I LOVE Orla Kiely even more for incorporating math into her designs :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

20% off Orla Kiely at Amazon

Amazon's 20% off sale is back again. Click here to see which Orla Kiely bags/accessories are eligible. Just make sure to enter the code FALLSTYLE at checkout. Below are my picks :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Purseday: Orla Kiely Textured Vinyl Scribble Sunflower Small Jeanie Bag

It's been awhile since I've done a Thursday Purseday post, so I thought I'd get back into it with my latest obsession. This purse was a recent gift from my Mom, and I absolutely love it and have already worn it a ton since I got it. It's surprisingly versatile and, even though the fall season has officially begun, I'm going to keep using this purse throughout the fall/winter months.

Indigo colorway
Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Back of the purse.

The bottom of the purse has no feet, which I found quite surprising. This is such a nice bag to me and I want to keep it in the best condition possible, so I love when my purses have feet to help protect the bottom.

The side of the purse has a nice slim, structured profile.

There's a detachable adjustable shoulder strap so the bag can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder.

There's also a detachable leather pocket, which I love and think looks nicer than the pockets that are sewn onto the purse.

There's a zipper closure up top, and gold colored hardware throughout.

The inside features a Linear Stem jacquard lining.

One zippered pocket.

And two pockets with attached key ring on the other side.

Here's a closeup of the print, which I think looks so pretty and vibrant. The blue centers are a much deeper blue than how they appear online, and they look so nice against the off-white background.

Check out my previous OOOTD post here, where I'm wearing this purse :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Orla Kiely Spotted: Target Flower Serving Bowl on Modern Family

With the season 7 premiere of Modern Family airing tonight, I thought it'd be fun to do a special throwback Orla Kiely Spotted post. Pictured below is one of the serving bowls from the 2009 Orla Kiely collaboration with Target, sitting on the counter just next to Phil's right shoulder :)

Orla Kiely for Target Flower Serving Bowl spotted on Season 1 Episode 1 of Modern Family that aired September 23, 2009

Flower Serving Bowl
Retail $19.99

I actually didn't start watching Modern Family until a couple seasons after it premiered. My husband and I were just flipping channels one day and decided to watch this show that everyone seemed to be talking about. Needless to say, Modern Family quickly became one of our favorite shows - it's our go-to pick-me-up whenever we're in need of something funny after a stressful day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Orla Kiely Textured Spot Flower Cushions

Orla Kiely has released another design in her ever-growing collection of cushions. This design features a new print called the Textured Spot Flower, available in Dark Olive, Nutmeg, or Slate. Each cushion features the print on each side, but in a reversed color. 

My husband was not too fond of these pillows because he thinks it doesn't look like a typical Orla Kiely design. And he's right...but I totally love these! I think the design is so interesting, and I'm loving the darker colors.