Monday, June 18, 2012

Orla Kiely for Bed, Bath, and Beyond

A few weeks ago, Orla Kiely finally launched her collaboration with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I had seen a preview photo in the months prior and thought there would be more designs to come. However, when I visited the store there were only two styles available (both very cute though). 

Here's a list of what's available. I noticed immediately that there were no king sizes listed even though they're available on the website. Not wanting to pay for shipping, I asked a sales associate if I would be able to order it through the store to waive the shipping costs and she said yes. At first I thought it would ship to the store and I would have to pick it up there, but she said she would ship it directly to my house. Also, there were no sheet sets available in the store, which I'm not sure why because that seems to be an important item that customers would want to see in person before purchasing.

Here's the "Stem" bed set, which is the one I wanted. It's her classic design - I love the bright, happy colors and the crosshatch pattern on the reverse side of the comforter. However, my husband wasn't quite sold on the design. He understands my love of Orla Kiely, but he has to draw the line somewhere. And our bedding was where that line was drawn. I understand though - it's his bedroom too and it has to be something that we are both happy with. If we had a guest room, then I would totally deck it out in Orla Kiely decor.

In the meantime, my husband has been quite generous when it comes to the Orla Kiely decor around our house. 

Case in point:

In the kitchen

On top of the piano

On our bookshelf

In the living room

On the floor of our master bedroom

On the chairs in our master bedroom

In the guest room

On our computer desk

You get the point.

Anyway, back to the Orla Kiely bedding!

Here's the "Field of Flowers" bed set. This color scheme actually goes better with the decor in our master bedroom, but my husband didn't like it at all. I don't really mind it, but I do prefer the Stem bed set.

Here are the euro shams $39.99 each. My husband really like the brown crosshatch design, but thought the price tag was quite expensive and I agree. I mean, we would need at least two, setting us back $80 for just the pillow cases with no pillows inside!

Here's the decorative toss $39.99. I really liked this pillow, but the stark white color just made me feel like it would get dirty so easily. And the case is non removable, so it's spot clean only.

Here's the square decorative toss $39.99. This was probably my favorite item out of the entire collection because it combines two of my favorite designs - the stem print and the crosshatch. But again, the white stems, which were made of a velvety material, made me feel like they would stain easily. In fact, looking at all the pillows in stock, each one already looked to be a bit dirty.

In the end, I didn't purchase anything (yet). My husband wasn't too keen on having those gigantic stems in our master bedroom. I tried to compromise by saying we could use the reverse side of the comforter, but at $200 for the king comforter set, we decided that was still too expensive. Maybe if they go on clearance, I will buy the full/queen set to put in a future guest room once my husband and I buy a house. For now, I might just buy the square decorative toss - just waiting for my next 20% off coupon!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

J. Crew Bib Necklace

A long time ago, I posted this Kate Spade Cut to the Chase Bib Necklace that I really wanted. At the time, it was on sale for $103 (crazy, right?) Well, a couple weeks ago I was at the J. Crew outlet when I stumbled upon this necklace.

It looks exactly like the Kate Spade one right? I was so excited when I found this and I was even more excited with the price. It was $42.99 with an additional 30% off AND I used my 15% teacher discount, knocking my total down to about $27 with tax. That sure beats $103! 

I'm actually not quite sure what color this is. To me it looks yellow, but a sales associate said it was "chartreuse" which is somewhere between green and yellow. By itself it looks yellow, but when I place it next to something else that is a true yellow, it starts to look a little green.

I was feeling especially "J. Crew" yesterday so I wanted to wear something really preppy. My local J. Crew is currently having an additional 30% off sale for their clearance items and I found this nautical inspired dress for only $20 (originally $88).

What I'm Wearing
Dress, necklace, and ballet flats by J. Crew

22 weeks pregnant
I was really torn between the XXS and the XS. I felt that the XXS felt better - it had more of the fitted look that I like and it would totally not be a problem if I weren't pregnant, but the fact of the matter is, I am. So I decided that if I wanted to get more use out of this dress, I should get the XS. The fitting room attendant also reassured me that the XS fit me perfectly. I am sorta having a bit of buyer's remorse, but oh well. As with all things J. Crew clearance, this was a final sale item, meaning no returns or exchanges. If anything, after I have the baby, I'll just wash it in warm water and throw it in the dryer in the hopes that it might shrink a little.

Every time I flip through a J. Crew catalogue, I always think, "Wow, they have a great way of mixing and matching colors." This outfit was my way of trying to imitate that same mixing. I felt the dress was neutral enough to allow for some pops of color in the necklace and the shoes.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Webster For Target On Sale

I stopped by Target the other day and saw that The Webster collection was on sale. I had been interested in the Tie Front Dress in Plaid Print Navy so I decided to try it on.

Item: Tie Front Dress by The Webster for Target
Color: Plaid Print Navy
Size: XS
Price: On sale $25.98 (originally $42.99)
Overall Rating: 3/5

I took two sizes with me to the fitting room, but ended up only trying on the size XS because I thought it fit me just fine (and this is at 5 months pregnant mind you. I was really excited about that). The sleeves were a bit snug, but again I attribute this to my pregnancy and the fact that I'm not as fit and toned as I was 5 months prior. So for you non-pregnant sized XS women out there - the arm holes should not be a problem for you. I love the puff sleeves and the retro styling of the dress, but I'm not 100% sold on the pattern. I kinda just wish it were a solid print, or even subtle polka dots would have looked really cute. And then I really wasn't sold when I texted these pictures to my husband and asked for his opinion. His reply: "Don't know. Looks a little old style for me." I immediately interpreted that as "old lady", but honestly, maybe that is my style. I'm always drawn to retro dresses, vintage items, and flowery prints that could be described as "wallpaper from your grandma's old house." The dress was lined and I thought the material was really good for Target standards. I think this is probably the most well-made piece out of the entire collection. In the end however, I didn't end up purchasing the dress because I'm still not sure about the print. Maybe if it goes on sale some more, I will reconsider, but for now it's staying behind at Target.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sam Edelman Hamilton Sandals

I found these Sam Edelman Hamilton Sandals at Marshall's the other day. They remind me of the knee-high gladiator shoes that were popular a few years back, but I was never bold enough to wear that trend so I think these are a good alternative. They are simple and comfy, but the python print gives them just the right amount of edginess.

I got these for a great price at only $23 (I've seen them retail for about $80).

I've read other online reviews that say these run small, but when I tried on the 7 1/2, I found that they looked and felt a little big (and this is coming from someone with swollen pregnancy feet!) So I went with my true size 7 and they fit me just fine.

They are flat sandals, but the sole is substantial enough that I'm able to comfortably walk around in them all day.

They have an adjustable buckle closure.

Ahh, all man made materials again. Oh well, for $23 I can't complain too much.

Monday, June 11, 2012

J. Crew Ballet Flats

A couple weeks ago, I bought my first pair of J. Crew Ballet Flats from the outlet. I've always wanted a pair so I was excited to see these at such a great price. They were originally $69.50, marked down to $39.99 with an additional 40% off AND I used my 15% teacher discount!

I've been told to size down in these flats because they tend to stretch out a lot, but I found that the size 7s (my true size) fit me just fine. Plus, with my swollen pregnancy feet, I didn't want to size down at all!

I love this pretty turquoise color. They remind me of the Pilcro Tennis Trinket Flats, which I regret not buying to this day. Oh well, these are a good alternative.

Ballet flats are my new favorite shoe. They're so cute and preppy and you can pretty much wear them with any outfit. Also, they're a comfy shoe choice for pregnant women!

I was disappointed to see that these were just synthetic. I figured for $70 they would at least be leather. I noticed that the more expensive pairs at the outlet ($89.50) were made from leather, but still made in China. The Italian leather ballet flats, which are sold in the retail stores, are the ones that will run you about $138.

There is some toe cleavage, which I know bothers many people, but I don't really mind all that much.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Orla Kiely Paper

Guess what I found at Marshall's yesterday?

Orla Kiely paper!

I love finding Orla Kiely stationary at Marshall's and T.J. Maxx because they're always so much cheaper. This box set was only $4.99. These would usually retail around $18 on the Orla Kiely website.

Here's what's inside:

The set comes with envelopes and cards in two different designs. 

According to the back of the package, you can actually unfold the cards to make a small poster. I guess if you wanted to frame the prints, which I think would look so pretty.

Front of poster.

Back of poster.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these cards yet, but for now they're happily sitting amongst the rest of my Orla Kiely stationary :)