Sunday, August 31, 2014

15% Off Orla Kiely Labor Day Sale

Hello, everyone! I first want to apologize for being away for so long. As many of you know, I am a teacher and I returned to work about 3 weeks ago. It usually takes me a bit of time to adjust mentally and physically (getting up at 5 am now versus 8 am!) to my new schedule after being on summer vacation for two months. So if you've emailed me or left me a comment in the past couple of weeks and I haven't replied yet, I apologize! But please know that I am thinking of you all...and Orla Kiely! :)

Now that Labor Day weekend is here, I finally have a moment to breathe and relax and catch up a bit on my blog, so I wanted to quickly share with you all that Orla Kiely is offering 15% off your full priced purchase for the Labor Day holiday. Check out my picks below and enjoy your shopping!

On sale $372.30 (originally $438)

On sale $372.30 (originally $438)

On sale $100.30 (originally $118)

On sale $244.80 (originally $288)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Orla Kiely For Target Makeup Bags: Part 3

Orla Kiely has released her third line of adorable makeup bags for Target, this time featuring the Shadow Dot print from the SS13 collection. I am so excited for this particular line because I loved the Shadow Dot print, but never got a chance to purchase anything with this pattern. And now Target has made an affordable line of makeup bags with this design! Also featured are the classic Linear Stem and Sixties Stem prints, but in new colorways. Check them all out below or shop the entire collection here.

This will be my number one purchase from this collection as I don't actually own the pencil case from any of the previous releases. The last two pencil cases were just patterns I didn't care too much for, but this one I love.

I own two of these organizers already, and they're just great. With all the little compartments inside, they just have so many uses other than storing your makeup. 

I think this is the best trio yet, since all three are different designs. In the past, the smallest and biggest pouches have been the same pattern, while the medium one was a coordinating print. Now all three have their own design, which makes this 3 piece set even more awesome. I've used the smaller one for pencils, and the medium one to store my lipstick, hand lotion, and mini contact solution so I can easily find it in my purse.

I love this train case because the lid has additional storage, unlike the Poppy Train Case below. I'm currently using mine to house all my travel toiletries. 

This is the case I use to store all my makeup. It's roomy and the handle makes it easy to take it on-the-go.

This is by far my favorite bag to take with me on mini vacations. Its multiple compartments inside help me keep all my travel essentials organized, and it's roomy enough to hold all my makeup, brushes, and hair products.

I've actually used this to hold a few diapers and wipes for my son, so when I'm in a rush or just running quick errands, I can easily throw this in my purse.

I don't use this for makeup at all - I actually use it to store all my stationary supplies, including cards, paper, envelopes, stickers, and pens. 

A larger version of the Medium Hanging Organizer, also great for storing stationary supplies. I use mine to store hair supplies and products, such as backup bottles of my favorite hairspray, hair ties, and curlers.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Orla Kiely App

Orla Kiely has launched her first ever app, which makes shopping on your iPad and iPhone super easy now. The app is free so make sure to check it out!

The Orla Kiely logo appears when you first launch the app.

The home screen has a grid layout, similar to the "features" section of the Orla Kiely website. You can choose to shop or view the lookbooks at the top.

And if you scroll further you can click on even more options.

When you click on "shop now" a menu of all the products, along with a search option at the top, appear.

The pictures are very streamlined and easy to look at. I noticed immediately, however, that the prices are in pounds and not dollars. I haven't been able to find an option to convert the prices, but I'll keep looking and let you know if it's possible.

The app is very easy to navigate and allows you to return to the previous screen quickly. Check out some of those newer style sunglasses!

I especially enjoyed browsing the lookbook - easy swipes allow you to turn the pages quickly. However, I wish there was an option to zoom in so you can see the details better. It would also be nice to shop from the lookbook directly by clicking on certain elements of the photo you're interested in. For example, if I wanted to purchase the Tabitha Bag shown above, how easy and convenient would it be to just click on it and be directed to its product page? However, these are just minor cons in an overall wonderfully easy-to-navigate and attractive app. 

Its simple icon is perfectly housed in my "shopping" folder on my iPad.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Free Shipping at Orla Kiely

So excited that Orla Kiely is offering free shipping once again to kick off their latest collection. Check out my picks below, and shop the entire FW14 line here.




Monday, August 11, 2014

Orla Kiely FW14 Dresses

Today's focus is on Orla Kiely's FW14 dress collection. The dresses vary between simple and classic to printed and fun. Each is lovely and there's plenty of options for both work and play.

Cats and dogs are playing a big role in Orla Kiely's FW14 collection. It's difficult to choose between the two since both are so cute! The Jacquard Shift Dress is work appropriate and can also serve as a simple daytime dress, or be worn to church or a party. I see many styling options here.

I love how the website now provides closeup pictures of the patterns. The images are so detailed you can actually see the texture in each cat print.

Probably my favorite out of all the dresses. You might remember it from the lookbook, where it was paired with a cropped turtleneck. It's nice to see that they're actually two separate pieces, making this dress even more versatile. I would actually wear this to work paired with a cardigan and a cami underneath. But I think this dress can also easily transition into a party/evening dress.

I love the retro peplum shape of these dresses.

A simple LBD, but it's also available in...

Because I'm a sucker for prints, I prefer the shift dress in the Ditsy Cat print. I really like the Chalk color because it seems more multi-seasonal.
A closeup of the Ditsy Cat Print - tons of cute little black cats amongst a polka dotted background.

Another cute option, but this one seems a bit more formal with its gathered cuffs and belted waist.

This is definitely the type of dress I would wear to work - long sleeves, high neckline, knee-length, and a simple fitted silhouette in a classic color.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Orla Kiely FW14 Mainline Bag Collection

Many of the FW14 items have now made their debut online, making me once again excited for fall colors and cooler weather. Included in this first batch of releases are the Mainline bags and wallets collection, dresses, outerwear, tops, skirts, and knitwear. If you haven't seen the entire lookbook yet, you can check that out here. For now, let's take a closer look at the Mainline collection now available for purchase, as handbags are first and foremost the reason why I fell in love with Orla Kiely to begin with (we'll take a closer look at clothing tomorrow).

I love the deep emerald color, making this a great holiday handbag, while the shell pink is a wonderful neutral. I just with this collection were made of the same grainy leather as the Punched Love Heart Peggy Bag. But patent leather, with its shiny finish, makes these handbags fun and fit for the holidays.

This appears to be a new handbag style as I don't recall ever seeing it in past collections. It's reminiscent of the binocular bag, but shorter and wider.

Just as the Fairfield Bag above, the Mabel Bag also seems to be a new design. This is a pretty good sized bag, making it great for work or the weekend.

I'm no cat lady, but I'm smitten with this purse. And based on the lookbook photos, this bag appears to be a bit larger than the animal head purses from last season, which is a plus. I think this would make a fun evening bag and help dress up any LBD.


Again, I don't have a particular affinity for dogs, but I just LOVE this bag. Love love love! I'd like to see it styled on a model so I can get a better reference for its size. It's difficult for me to choose between this one or...

This is a slightly larger version of the Mini Bay Bag above. I can't decide if I'd like the smaller one to correspond with its cutesy print, or a larger one to show off the print. Either one is a great option since I can carry both as a crossbody, which is the way I prefer to carry all my purses.

I wish this were available in the small Jeanie Bag, as the larger ones tend to be...well, quite large. I have two, one in the Flower Girl Print and another in the Oval Stem Jacquard Print, and I only use them for work as they're large enough to hold all my folders, paperwork, and laptop or iPad. Since I wouldn't want to make this another work-exclusive bag, I'd prefer the Dog Show Print in a smaller version.

Another large option, but this design keeps it casual enough for both work and play.

Check back tomorrow for the FW14 clothing collection, inducing dresses, outerwear, tops, skirts, and knitwear!