Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orla Kiely Sample Sale

I got this email a few days ago about the Orla Kiely sample sale in New York.

Deep discounts on past season clothing, bags, accessories, AND homeware? Count me in! Unfortunately, my husband is not quite as on board with me on this one as I'd like (I guess I can understand - we're in Florida, the sale is in New York...) I unsuccessfully tried to convince him that we MUST take a trip to New York this weekend. I have heard of these sample sales before (70% off retail prices!) and I've always wanted to go to one. Have any of you ever been to a sample sale before, Orla Kiely or otherwise? I'm not even sure if any of my readers out there live in the New York area, but if you do, please check out this sale and let me know how it is!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Orla Kiely iPhone 4 Snap On Cover

I was so excited to finally get my Orla Kiely iPhone 4 Case in the mail today!

I've been wanting this case for a really long time, but didn't want to bite the bullet and buy it off the Orla Kiely website for $65.  I've been searching for it on eBay, but of course people are selling it for way more than the original retail price. So last week, while googling "Orla Kiely iPhone 4" I found that Amazon was selling it for much less - $44 and free shipping! I still think it's quite pricey for a cell phone case, but it's Orla Kiely and I had a gift card, so for me it was worth the splurge. Plus, it seems that many of the cases at the Apple store cost about the same anyway, so I might as well buy one that I really like. 

Even the packaging is super cute!

To the right is the cardboard "iPhone" that was inside the case.

My iPhone before. So I really do like this Paul Frank case. I liked it so much in fact, that I continued to use it for my iPhone 4 even though it's an iPhone 3 case. The openings are not the same, so it was always a pain to take the case off every time I wanted to take a decent picture.

My iPhone after!

It snaps right into place and stays put.

If you're anything like me, then you love looking at all the details.

This case is pretty much like all of Orla Kiely's purses and accessories - it's made of 100% cotton with a laminate coating, which makes it easy to wipe clean in case it gets dirty. It seems to be durable enough to protect the back of the iPhone. If you're looking for something a bit more substantial that will protect the entire iPhone, then check out the folio case. Overall, I'm so happy with this cover - it'll make my iPhone that much more fun to use. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Orla Kiely Packed and Ready to Go!

Orla Kiely packed and ready to go!

This weekend, my husband and I decided to go to Orlando for a quick getaway vacation, which gave me the opportunity to break out my new Orla Kiely travel bag.  Oh, how much I love this bag. It's so roomy and had just the right amount of space to hold all my items for the weekend. Plus, the fun car print puts a smile on my face. 

John's school actually had their championship softball game in Orlando this weekend and, being the dedicated fan he is, wanted to be there to support them. Meanwhile, he dropped me off at various shopping destinations, including the premium outlets, Mall at Millennia, and of course, Ikea!

I love Ikea's Ingolf Junior Chair because it looks just like the highchair version of our Pottery Barn dining chairs. How cute it would be for our little one to sit in this chair with us at the dining table!

I was thinking about buying this abacus for our future little one, but I thought, eh, they won't be able to use it for a few years anyway. I think I'll hold off.

Enjoyed a little dessert in the cafeteria! I honestly couldn't even tell you what each item was, but they were delicious! The pink one had some type of cake/cream filling, the green one was marzipan with some kind of chocolatey filling (I think), and the last one was a coconut covered truffle.

I scored big at the Lacoste outlet, buying this Catherine Malandrino + Lacoste top for only $17, originally $145!

Check out my tiny baby bump, which grows bigger and bigger every week! That's what's great about this top - I can wear it throughout pregnancy because of the super-stretchy material.

I love these knot details.

French kiss! These cute gators are embroidered on the back neckline - it's all in the details!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Webster For Target

So I went to Target this afternoon to check out The Webster, which is their latest designer clothing collaboration. I'd never heard of The Webster before and honestly didn't even know they were launching today until I read about it just a couple days ago on someone's blog. There just wasn't a lot of buzz about it. So I decided it was safe to go to Target in the afternoon, as opposed to first thing in the morning when everything usually gets sold out. And I was right - pretty much every piece in every size was still there as of 4:00 pm this afternoon. There were no other women hovering around the racks and feverishly picking up every single item. Nope, it was just me. Which was nice for a change. This was how it used to be when I shopped the Target designer collaborations in years past. I'm really not sure why ever since Missoni, there's been such a shopping frenzy. Anyway, it was nice to be able to leisurely look at each item. After walking around for a few minutes, I decided to bring back only this dress with me to the fitting room.

Item: Strapless Maxi Dress by The Webster for Target
Color: Wallpaper print cream
Size: XS
Price: $44.99
Overall Rating: 3/5

First of all, I'm really into maxi dresses now that I'm pregnant. They're easy to slip on, super comfy, and they can grow with you as your belly grows. Not to mention they're a stylish choice for those hot summer days. The dress fits pretty true to size, although I try to avoid strapless dresses whenever I can because I'm constantly pulling them up. I would've preferred this as the Crossback Maxi Dress, but that style only came in the Flamingo print AND it's only available online. I definitely like this color combo a lot better, but my husband said that the fern print made me look older. I guess I agree - I wish it had been some type of pretty floral print instead. I think the length is great because I would be able to wear this dress with just flat sandals and I wouldn't have to get it hemmed for my 5'3" height. The material felt really nice and substantial. Because there doesn't seem to be any signs that this dress will sell out soon, I think I will hold out for a sale.