Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Orla Kiely Flower Girl Jeanie Bag

Anthropologie just released a 20th anniversary archival collection and it got me thinking about the one that got away. You know, that one blouse or that one purse that you just couldn't afford years ago because you were a struggling college student (pretty much me throughout the early 2000s). But sometimes, as luck would have it, you'd find that same item you were lusting after on eBay (or, if you were really lucky, at Goodwill) for a price you could actually afford. This was the case for me with the Orla Kiely Flower Girl Jeanie Bag. I first spotted this purse in a boutique in Amelia Island a couple years ago. It was beautiful and quirky, pretty much exactly what I look for in anything I buy, but I just couldn't afford it at the time (I tried to convince my husband that it was indeed a household expense, but to no avail). I stalked this bag on the website and eBay, and although it appeared from time to time, it was still just too expensive. However, one day, while perusing Orla Kiely's Past Season collection, I found the one.

Orla Kiely Flower Girl Jeanie Bag in Cobalt
I purchased this bag for $177 (originally $298). Still a pretty hefty price tag, but with the help of some gift money, I was able to make this bag mine.

It's a thin bag, but good for holding a laptop and some papers or books.

There's a zip closure.

And a button closure.

The inside is divided by a center zippered compartment and lined in Orla Kiely's signature stem print in a brown cotton.

One side houses a couple pockets and an attached keychain.

The other side has a zippered pocket.

I was pleasantly surprised that the center pocket was lined in the same coated cotton print as the outside.

The bag also has a detachable shoulder strap.

As with most of Orla Kiely's bags, there's a leather exterior pocket that can hold virtually nothing. I found that the only time I ever used one was when my husband and I were in New York and I needed a place to put my metro card for easy access.

The bottom of the bag has no "feet".

And it also came with its own dust bag for storing away when not in use. However, I don't think I'll be using the dust bag that often. Since this purse can be worn as a crossbody bag and has a briefcase shape to it (not to mention how spacious it is), I plan to use this bag as my everyday work bag. The bright blue color will be a great pick-me-up as I make my way to work every morning :)

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