Saturday, June 7, 2014

Orla Kiely Bath and Fragrance

I recently got a few Orla Kiely bath and fragrance items, which are my first ever, so I'm excited to share my thoughts on them with you (and yes, I painted an Orla Kiely accent wall in my house - more on that in an upcoming post!).

First up is this Earl Grey Diffuser. It has a very strong, clean, almost spring/outdoorsy scent that diffuses quickly, which I really like. Currently, this diffuser is only sold from the Orla Kiely UK site, but if you live in the US you can also find it at Beauty Habit (plus, you can find the Earl Grey Scented Candle on the US site).

The diffuser comes in a 100-ml glass with a classic grey and black acorn print, befitting the name. Even when the liquid runs out, you can still refill the glass with other fragrances, or simply recap it and put it on display, which is what I plan on doing.

Now, onto the bath items! I got a shower gel and hand cream, both in the bergamot scent. They are both currently sold on the UK site as well as Beauty Habit if you live in the US.

This shower gel almost feels too luxurious to use. I have a problem when it comes to having items that I consider really special - I never want to use them because I want them to last forever! But I'm getting better at that because I don't want my things to go to waste, especially with something as nice as this shower gel. It makes a very nice lather in my loofah, and has a scent true to what's described on the back of the bottle (see below). And even though this is not an exfoliating scrub, it left my skin feeling extra smooth and soft. 

I absolutely love hand creams. I think it's so important to apply at least twice a day to keep your hands, and especially cuticles, looking nice and moisturized. It also helps your manicure look that much better. I've used hand creams from Sally Hansen, Cath Kidston, and Neutrogena, but of course, I think this one's my favorite, not only because of the absolutely adorable print and packaging, but because it leaves my hands super soft and has the most amazing light scent that lingers for a long time. It has a nice thick consistency that absorbs quickly. I also love how it feels so lightweight and non-greasy, but manages to keep my hands feeling soft and moisturized, even after washing.

If you're interested in any of these items, now is definitely the time to buy as Orla Kiely is running a special 20% off sale on selected home and fragrance items, and the items shown above are included! Check out the sales on both the US and UK sites.

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