Sunday, October 2, 2016

Orla Kiely Charm AW16 Collection

Orla Kiely has added new pieces to her Charm collection, this time incorporating animals and Swarovski details. Check out all the lovely pieces below!

Four Point Flower Necklace in Gold ($209.25) and Silver ($178.25)
Let's start off with my favorite pieces - these Four Point Flower necklaces that also have matching bracelets and earrings (see below). I love how dainty these pieces look and they seem to go with everything.

Four Point Flower in Gold ($263.50) and Silver ($232.50)

Four Point Flower Hoop Earrings in Gold (£85) and Silver (£70)
These earrings are a close second favorite for me, right behind the matching necklaces above. I like how small these hoops are so they sit close to the ear. [Fun fact: my ear piercings are actually uneven - one hole is a bit lower than the other ear, which has always bothered me a bit because, well, I like things to be symmetrical. So whenever I wear hoop earrings or larger pieces, it's more evident. That's why I tend to gravitate towards studs or smaller hoops such as these so it won't be so noticeable. I'm pretty sure no one has EVER noticed this about me before, but I have always been conscious of it when purchasing earrings. End of fun fact :)]

I do think these rabbit pieces are cute, but I kinda wish a different eye color was used because these red siam Swarovski's make these bunnies look a bit demented haha. 




This rotating feature is such an interesting concept - you can flip the color to whichever one complements your outfit that day.

Silver Flower Stud Earrings with Tiger's Eye Inlay




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