Friday, December 9, 2016

Orla Kiely Resort 2017: Stem Print Leather

Orla Kiely's latest leather goods feature our favorite Stem print, but as always, with a twist. The bags have a black and pink Stem running along each side of the bag (instead of being right up front as we're used to seeing), so you only get to see just a bit of the design. It's understated and definitely ideal for those who love the design, but are seeking a more subtle look. For those unfamiliar with the designer, it'll just look like rounded shapes on a bag. Fans of the brand will recognize it right away, so in that way, I kinda like the design because it's like an "insider's" bag, if you know what I mean. So what do you all think of Orla Kiely's latest take on her classic Stem print? Do you like its "hidden" design, or would you rather it be up front and center?




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