Saturday, March 18, 2017

Orla Kiely SS17 Mainline: Applique Face in Navy and Orange

I feel like this is the bag that everyone was most excited about this season. It seemed to create quite a buzz during last year's New York Fashion Week, when teaser pics of these bags first began appearing online. But I feel like this design is going to be very polarizing - you'll either love it or hate it...

And I LOVE it!

It's such a fun and quirky design. There is a lot going on with the leather appliqués and adorned shoulder strap...but somehow, that all works together well in my opinion. I especially love the scalloped sunglasses and the tiny heart-shaped mouth. The Lolita in Navy is my favorite and I hope to add it to my collection one day.


The inside features a Linear Stem jacquard lining, and it has quite a wide opening so it should be easy to access all your items inside.


The flowers on this strap are movable, and it appears that you can open up the strap completely, so perhaps you can even remove the flowers and put them on other bags :)


This little purse is so cute! Small wallets are my favorite, and this one seems large enough to hold all the cards, cash, and coins you'll need. It's also nice that it has side gussets so you can open up this coin purse for easy access.

And if the purses are too much for you, these key rings are a more subtle way to enjoy this design.

Honestly, one piece from this collection should be enough, but I want them all! Are you on the side that hates it...or loves it? And if so, which piece is your favorite?


  1. I love it but I cannot justify the price tag. With that amount of money I rather invest a leather bag. I hope I can buy one when it is on sale though! :-)

    1. Wow, didn't even realize the whole bag wasn't made of leather :( I always forget her appliqué bags are made of vinyl and only the appliqués are made of leather. I wonder why they don't just make the entire bag out of leather? It does seem quite expensive now, but as usual, I will wait for a sale on this one :)

  2. My 13 yr old step daughter loves the Lolita and is begging for one!!! She told me she was definitely worth the price tag of the bag! �� I, also, didn't know they weren't all leather. It's not my favorite design because it's a little too busy for me, but I do appreciate the quirkiness of the design.