Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Geometry Toms

I'd been eyeing these Geometry Toms for awhile, but for some reason never got around to ordering them. Then one day I decided to go ahead and buy them and to my disappointment, I found that they were no longer available online. As luck would have it however, Zulily recently had a sale on Toms shoes and I was able to purchase a pair for only $34.99 (originally $54).

As a math teacher specializing in Geometry, I found that these Toms were perfect, just made for me.

I already have a pair of their Ash Canvas Classics in a size 7, my typical size, and I found these Geometry Toms to fit the same. I've tried on other Toms before that seem to run large, so I was worried buying these because they are nonrefundable, but they fit me perfectly.

I was happy to see that the equation for the area of a trapezoid was correct :)

What I'm Wearing:
Navy Geometry Women's Vegan Classics

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