Monday, February 24, 2014

Orla Kiely Linear Stem Backpack

I've never felt I needed a bag as much as I needed this one. I know that's a bit of a dramatic statement to make, but it's a backpack - how awesome is that?! Maybe it's nostalgia speaking here - having grown up in the 90s when mini backpacks were all the rage, I think it's pretty awesome that Orla Kiely is bringing this trend back (although it's not a mini backpack, it's a backpack nonetheless, and that's still pretty awesome). They have offered backpacks in the past, but in leather and at about $500. This cotton version at just under $200 is a little more manageable. And I absolutely LOVE that stem print, especially in this color combination, which is very preppy and modern to me. Plus, since I have a small son, this backpack makes it easy to pack some essentials and throw over my shoulders while I chase him around.

Backpacks not really your thing? Well, the same Linear Stem Print is available in several other styles. Check them all out below.