Monday, February 3, 2014

Reviews: Linosa Top, Fluttered Dot Peplum, East Falls Pullover, and Ballad Swing Skirt

January is my birthday month and every year I look forward to buying myself a gift with my Anthropologie birthday discount. I always wait until the end of the month to make my purchase, just to see if anything will go on sale. I finally made my way to Anthropologie just a couple days before January ended, to try on some items from my wish list and to discover any other goodies I might not have noticed online. 

Yellow, size XS
I love the color combo of this top and the adorable cloud motif. I'm a sucker for quirky prints and this one definitely fits the bill. This blouse is made of silk, which felt very nice against the skin. The silk is a bit see-through as you can see the top of my high-waisted jeans in the photos above. However, I don't think it's too see-through that I'd have to wear an extra layer underneath. The sleeves were a bit too long, hitting me almost at my wrists, which I personally think is unflattering. I think it should either be a full long sleeve or just a three-quarter sleeve - not in-between! I like how the online model rolls her sleeves up to the elbows, which is how I would style it. This blouse is meant to be a bit flowy, but I still think it looks a tad too big here, so I'd size down to an XS petite to purchase. $118 is still a bit too pricey for me, so I'm going to wait for a sale on this one.

Black & white, size XS
This blouse was originally at the top of my wishlist. Even though I prefer the navy blue below, I actually have a hard time buying just plain solid clothes because I almost feel like they're too boring (like I said, I'm a sucker for a quirky print). But all the little details - the textured material, peplum, and ruffles - keep it from being too plain. On the model and on the hanger, I liked all the ruffle details. On me, I thought it was simply too much. I felt the collar sat too high and honestly could have done without the ruffles along the neckline. Just a simple scoop neck would have been fine by me. Also, the material is super stretchy, and the armholes a bit too big. A pass for me.

Ivory, size XS
This blouse was not even on my wish list, but found this while walking around the store. I was intrigued by the eyelet hem and the striped top - an unexpected yet pleasant combination. I thought the XS fit fine, but maybe just a tad bit too boxy. I would've liked it better if it cinched in more at the waist to create that fitted look I like, but I think this blouse it meant to be a bit boxier for a more casual look. The top portion feels almost like a sweatshirt material, but it's not too thick so it's a great multi-seasonal top, as well as a great transitional piece for those days when it's not cold enough for a jacket, but not quite warm enough yet for just a t-shirt. I absolutely love the lace details on the bottom - my favorite part! It makes it look like you have two shirts in one. I ended up purchasing this top with my Anthropologie birthday discount and I wore it immediately this weekend. 

Pink, size XS
When I first saw this skirt on the hanger, I wasn't too sure about it. I thought maybe the pink color was too bright or neon, but I was still intrigued and wanted to try it on anyway. I really like the black and white waistband - the thickness is flattering, cinching in the waist and making it easy to tuck in a shirt. When I put it on, the colors magically didn't seem so bright anymore. From afar, the dots actually look quite subtle. And then my Mom said it looked like something Jess from New Girl would wear and I immediately wanted it! Everything Jess has worn, I've been obsessed with. But my budget only allowed for one purchase so I had to leave this skirt behind. The East Falls Pullover seemed like the better purchase as I know I'll get a lot more wear out of that top. This skirt, although completely adorable, is not very practical for my everyday life - I wouldn't be able to wear it to work because it's too short and on the weekends I'm too busy running around after my son, so it's mostly jeans for me. I do still want this skirt, but will wait for a sale.

All of the details are SO cute, from the pink dots to the black and white waistband. In theory it doesn't seem like this combo would work (stripes and polka dots?!), but somehow it looks so good here. Even the back zipper detail is adorable!

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