Friday, October 31, 2014

Orla Kiely by Gaiam Yoga Items at Target

In addition to Orla Kiely's amazing selection of luggage and travel accessories now available at Target, the company has teamed up with Gaiam to release a line of yoga mats, bags, water bottles, and other accessories. Although I don't do yoga (I've tried a couple times - I quickly discovered that I wasn't coordinated or strong enough to do it), I'm still pretty excited about this collection. I'm trying to think of different and creative uses for the yoga mats since I can't use them for their intended purpose (maybe I can pass them off as kitchen mats?). But the other items, such as the water bottles, bags, and headbands are practical for everyday life, even if you don't do yoga.

Target is currently offering free shipping on any order, so you can shop the entire collection here or check them out at your local store. I've had better luck finding most of these items in store (save for the Yoga Bag, but I've since ordered that online after obsessively checking Target's online stock. When the bag finally popped back in stock, I ordered right away! Availability has been sporadic for some reason.)

Yoga Mat in
$24.99 each


Yoga Block in
$12.99 each
I've no clue what a yoga block is used for...yet I still want these. I'm sure they would make a nice decor piece, or maybe even bookends (my husband thinks I'm crazy for this haha).

Again, I need to think of a creative use for this bag. Maybe storage for my tripod? Any suggestions?

This was the bag that I could not find at any one of the (now) eight Targets I've been to. And every time I tried to order it online, it would say out of stock. But finally this morning, I was able to add it to my cart, so I ordered right away and I've already gotten a shipping notice so it's on its way to me! Wouldn't this make a really cute purse or even diaper bag? No need to be creative with this one since it easily passes for a regular purse in my opinion.

This is available in two other colors (yellow and pink), but for some reason they aren't showing up online anymore. I decided to purchase the yellow because it's one of my favorite colors. Even though I don't do yoga, I could still wear this while working out at the gym.


360 Drinking Tritan Waterbottle in
$12.99 each
Another item I could easily use at the gym are these water bottles. I like its unique pop-up cap that allows for 360 degree drinking. It's made of plastic, so it's lightweight and easy to carry around in the gym.

Bamboo Glass Waterbottle in
Rose, Grey, and Green
$14.99 each
These glass water bottles are so pretty - almost to the point where I might just put them on display instead of actually using them (almost). Since these are made of glass, they are definitely heavier and more substantial than the Tritan Water Bottles above. I love the bamboo caps and the tiny rope up top.

What do you think of Orla Kiely's latest collaboration with Target? Are you as excited about these items as I am? What have you purchased so far? A haul and review post on these items will be up soon - I ordered a majority of these online, so I'm still waiting for them to arrive, but as soon as they do I'll post more detailed photos and share my thoughts on each item with you. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I couldn't find any of these items at my local Target, so I ordered them online. My favorite is the black and white yoga bag. It is canvas, not the laminated fabric that is on the other items. The quality is really good. I got the passport cover and the purse, too. I plan on ordering the suitcase, but I was waiting to see what the quality was like on these items first. I think I'll go ahead and take the plunge!

    1. Hi Beth! I'm so glad you were able to order what you wanted online. That really is the easier way instead of Target-hopping like I did haha. Go ahead and take the plunge on the suitcases - they won't disappoint!