Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Orla Kiely for Kerrygold Butter

Orla Kiely has teamed up with Kerrygold to design a limited edition packaging for their Spreadable, Softer Butter, and Salted Butter products, as shown below. The packaging features the Sunset Flora print in a combination of kelly green, deep green, and marigold that complement the Irish company's signature packaging and logo. 

The packaging launched today in stores and will be available for eight weeks. I checked out my local grocery store here in the US to see if they were available, but alas, I could not find them. For a collector like myself, it would be awesome to get my hands on these - even after the butter is gone, I could still reuse the tubs to store miscellaneous items and of course put them on display, as I usually do with Orla Kiely packaging. However, it doesn't look like these products will be available in the states, but I will keep looking and let you all know. For those living in the UK, enjoy! :)

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