Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Orla Kiely Kids Around the World Bedding

My dear husband bought me...er, my son...a set of Orla Kiely kids bedding in the Around the World Print for his birthday. My son turned two on the 14th...of October. So yes, this post is a bit late (but better late than never, right?) My son isn't quite old enough to use this bedding yet - it's in a "single" size, which is about a US twin size, and he's still in a crib. I'm still debating when to transition him to a toddler bed (honestly, I'm just not quite sure I trust my little mischief monkey to stay in his bed at night - he would most certainly climb out of bed and run amok in his room). I'm nonetheless excited for the day when I can finally put my son in a toddler bed...with Orla Kiely bedding :)

The bedding, as with most Orla Kiely home items, comes packaged in a super cute and reusable box. I already have plans to use mine to store some of my son's artwork that he brings home from daycare.

What I love about this packaging is the Car Print!

What's tricky about this bedding is the sizing, which doesn't follow the same sizing for most standard sheets and comforters in the US. This particular bedding is a "single" size, which is 135 cm x 200 cm (or approximately 53" x 79"). Most twin size comforters in the US are 68" x 86". I ran into this same problem when my husband bought me the King Duvet Set in the Scribble Stem Print for my birthday a few years ago - that set was 106" x 92", but standard king size comforters in the US are 110" by 96". These aren't huge differences, but they're still enough to make my comforter look a bit odd - the imperfect fit makes my comforter bunch up in certain spots, so it's never completely smooth. It does bother me a bit sometimes, but the prints make up for this minor inconvenience.

The same Car Print continues inside the box.

This Around the World Print was used in Orla Kiely's Resort 2013 collection. The included pillowcase comes in the same pattern.

The sheets are made from 100% cotton that feels soft and not scratchy at all. They are also machine washable. I've had my Scribble Stem Print sheets for a couple years now, and they've held up quite well through many cycles in my washer and dryer. There's no fading and they've maintained their softness, so I'd imagine these sheets will wash and wear the same. 

I'll post updated pics when my son is finally using these sheets in his toddler bed :)

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