Saturday, November 14, 2015

L'Orla Resort 2016 Sweaters, Blouses, and Tops

This cardigan is probably one of my favorite pieces out of the entire L'Orla collection. Even though I have very little use for it where I live, where the temperatures steadily remain in the 80s even throughout the winter months, I can't help but adore this super sweet cardigan. I love all the delicate and feminine details, and I can already imagine so many styling options for this piece - pair it with jeans, over your favorite dress, or tuck it into a pencil skirt.


I love this sweater because of - you guessed it - the scalloped detailing. The blush, cream, and light grey colors also work so well together.

Greta Velvet Trim Viscose Bib Blouse
I love the look of ruffled high neck tops, and I wish I could pull them off, but sometimes they feel a little too constricting and it's a constant reminder that something is wrapped around my neck which freaks me out a bit haha. Anyway, it's such a pretty girly look that I wish I was more comfortable with wearing, but I just can't seem to get over my phobia.

L'Orla Intarsia Sweater
Cream and Grey

L'Orla T-Shirt
Cream and Grey
While $120 is an absurd amount to pay for what is essentially a cotton shirt, I can see the appeal with adding one of these logo shirts (or sweaters above) to your Orla Kiely collection. I myself would definitely wait for these pieces to go on sale (if they ever do), and instead invest my money in one of the patterned dresses or cardigan at the top of this post.

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