Thursday, November 5, 2015

Orla Kiely SS16 Resort Mainline Bags

Orla Kiely's Spring/Summer 2016 Resort Mainline bags are now available and I'm in love! This is probably one of my favorite collections yet - the colors and textures are gorgeous and I'm loving all the details.

The price points for these bags, however, have seen a significant jump, with the Scallop Pocket Leather Jeanie Bag with OK Hanging Purses topping the list at over $700 (and of course, this one is my favorite from the collection). Although I know many retailers do this every season, I find the price increase interesting as there doesn't seem to be a change in the materials used. I guess it's also because the price jump just seems so high - if you compare this season's most expensive purse to the one from this collection, you'll see a nearly $200 increase. Now, I know this is not a fair comparison since they are two different styles. Also, the bag from this collection is lined, has leather shoulder straps, and includes two hanging leather purses - so what do you think? Do these added details elicit such an increase in price?

Anyway, just some thoughts I had! The purses ARE gorgeous, but I'll definitely have to save up for a bit before I can finally add one to my collection. I love the Confetti Flower Leather Jeanette Bag, the Scallop Pocket Leather Jeanie Bag with OK Hanging Purses, and the OK Stripe Leather Small Jeanie Bag (don't bother asking me which colorways are my favorite because they are ALL so pretty!)

Confetti Flower Leather Jeanette Bag
I love the texture that the flower cutouts create on the front of this purse.

Scallop Pocket Leather Jeanie Bag with OK Hanging Purses
BlackMulti, and Lemon
And here's the bag I was talking about above. It is super gorgeous and sleek, especially in the black colorway. I love the way the hanging purses look against the black background, and I like the option of removing them if I want a simpler, more classic look. The multi colorway is a close second for me.

Scallop Pocket Leather Jeanie Bag
But if you don't want the hanging purses, you can always choose this version instead. Literally the same bag, but without the attachments. You can purchase the hanging purses separately, but you'll be saving a whopping $2 if you buy the purse above that includes both :)

Scallop Pocket Leather Jeanette Bag with OK Hanging Purses
Black and Croc
These Jeanette bags are a new addition this season, which are simply a smaller version of the Jeanie bags. I actually like the Croc colorway of this bag a bit better than the Jeanie version because the croc texture continues throughout.

Scallop Pocket Leather Jeanette Bag
Black and Croc
And once again, you can purchase the same version but without the hanging purses.

OK Stripe Leather Small Jeanie Bag
These bags give off a funky 70s vibe to me that I love. Once again, it's difficult for me to choose which colorway I like better, although I think the Natural & Black has a more classic look.


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