Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Orla Kiely Watches at ChrisElli

Orla Kiely's latest release of watches includes some older designs in new colorways, along with some brand new styles. Check them all out below, which are now available at ChrisElli.

OK2150 ($117), OK2149 ($111), and OK2152 ($117)
This style is so right up my alley, especially the cream and pink version! I just love the scalloped flower and the super girly colors. 

OK2145 ($135), OK2146 ($146), and OK2148 ($146)
This is another super cute new style, which has a tiny flower charm attached. I quite like this style in the gold version.

I have one of the first versions of this watch (see my Haul + Review post here), and while I do quite like this style, it is quite a delicate watch, especially if you get one with a leather band. I do have a metal version that is way more durable that I absolutely love, though, so if you're seeking this style, I'd definitely consider one with a metal band. 



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