Saturday, April 30, 2016

Haul + Review: Orla Kiely Poppy Watch


Here's the adorable packaging it came in - a long box with the Giant Abacus print with an outer sleeve.

The inside is lined with the Stem print.

And underneath is a care and instruction booklet.

This was one of my favorite watch designs because I love the quatrefoil face and the pinky tones - its overall look is so pretty and dainty, which I thought would pair well with dressier outfits. And it's hard to tell from this photo, but it also has a black Stem printed face. There are no numbers or even little ticks so it can be difficult to tell the time quickly.

There is rose gold-toned hardware and two orange straps, which I thought added a nice contrast.

The underside of the strap is embossed with the Flower Spot print.

And as you can see, the strap is made of leather.

One of the things that concerned me about this watch is how delicate it looked and felt. It just looked so tiny on my wrist (I know it doesn't appear that way in this photo, but in real life it does) and overall I felt like I'd have to baby this watch so it wouldn't break or get scratched. However, it's been holding up nicely and I haven't really been babying it too much when I wear it. I just love how girly and dainty this watch looks - I've worn it with dressy and casual outfits, and it pairs well with both.

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