Saturday, July 8, 2017

Orla Kiely Pre-Fall 2017 Mainline: Punched Stem Leather in Black, Mustard, and Nutmeg

Bucket bags seem to be all the rage this season, and I'm slowly warming up to the trend. I do really like the Nutmeg version of this bag, but I really don't prefer the pocket on the back.

It's not exactly a deal breaker, but I do wish it weren't there. I guess if anything, it's not really visible when you're wearing the bag anyway, and it can be quite useful to store items you need easy access to.


What's cool about these Double Poppy Bags is the extra pouch that's included - it can be attached to the back, but also double as a pouch to be used in other bags.


 This purse also has the extra pocket on the back, which again I don't really care much for, but I can still see uses for it, such as holding receipts.



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