Sunday, July 9, 2017

Orla Kiely Pre-Fall 2017 Mainline: Applique Flower Leather

The Applique Flower Leather bags and accessories are my favorites from the Pre-Fall 2017 line. I love all the colorways, and the tortoiseshell handles and chain detailing on the bags are a nice touch.

Bethan Bag in Cocoa and Multi

Mini Poppy Bag in Cocoa and Multi

Medium Zip Wallet in Cocoa and Multi

Card Holder in Nutmeg, Orange, and Pink
I think these card holders are so cute, but I'm just not sure how secure they'd be. I'd worry that my cards would fall out as the leather stretches out over time. Does anyone have any experience with these card holders? I love the design, but just wish there was some kind of snap or zipper closure to keep the cards in place.

Square Zip Wallet in Black, Orange, and Pink

Key Fob in Black, Orange, and Pink

Key Ring in Nutmeg, Orange, and Pink
I absolutely love these key rings - I was lucky enough to be able to collect all three colorways from the SS17 collection, so I certainly don't need anymore, but they are just so cute and make great bag charms.


  1. I bought the card holder and couldn't fit my cards in it so sadly, I decided to return. Pretty but not practical.

    1. Aw, that's a bummer! They are super cute, though. Just wish the design was a little bit more functional.