Friday, January 6, 2012

Orla Kiely Large Car Medium Tote

Ok, my husband is BEYOND amazing. I just opened my birthday present and he got me the Orla Kiely Large Car Medium Tote that I'd been wanting for forever. I was so excited!!! 

Here's the tote! Look how cute it is! I absolutely love the quirky design of the cars and all the colors make it a fun, standout bag. I just adore Orla Kiely's bold patterns and prints.

As you can see, attached is a luggage tag with Orla Kiely's signature stem print. 

Here's the other side of the tote. It features a large zippered pocket and an adjustable, detachable strap.

A side view. You can actually take the metal hooks along the top and hook them onto the leather straps shown on the side to compress the purse a bit.

Here are some of the details. All the trimmings are made of 100% leather.

It's all about the details! Even the inside is cute. There's one large zippered pocket and two elastic pockets on the sides.

The bottom :)

My husband has FAR outdone himself this year with the presents. I am so excited that my Orla Kiely collection is growing. This tote will make a great addition to all the wonderful Orla Kiely items my husband has gotten me over the years. And it'll make traveling even more fun :)

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