Saturday, August 17, 2013

Joie Belvidere Stretch Leather Leggings

My husband and I stopped by Marshall's today to do some shopping. He was looking for a bike lock and a poncho and I was looking for, well, anything. One of the things that I like about my local Marshall's is the separate "contemporary" rack. Oftentimes, I find many brands that I like such as James Perse and Free People. Today, I found a pair of Joie leather leggings.

Now I know what you're thinking. Leather leggings? But seriously, I think they're fabulous. I'd been wanting a pair of leather leggings for a while. I love the idea of pairing them with a slouchy blouse and scarf and tucking them into some tough boots. I also love juxtaposing them with some high heels and a feminine blouse. 

So when I found these Joie leather leggings, I decided to give them a try. Now look closely at the picture above because what you're about to see looks nothing like that.

When I first found these pants in an XS sitting on the rack, I thought to myself, "There is NO WAY I'll be able to squeeze into that!" So I grabbed the medium and the XS (just in case) - these were the only two sizes they had. Surprisingly, I was able to pull on the XS quite easily. They do stretch and I guess I should've figured that considering that they are leggings. 

I really don't like that they don't lay flat in the front like they do on the model and on basically every other person I saw when I googled "leather leggings." Probably because in actuality, a size small would've been a much better fit.

Another thing that I don't like is the low rise of these pants. As you can see in this photo, it's creating that horrible muffin top. Ugh! I wish they were at least a mid-rise legging. I tried pulling them up as far as they would go, but this was all I could manage.

A shot of the front lower part of the leggings. I would definitely have to get them hemmed as they were much too long and bunched up all over the place.

And the VPL is atrocious. But nothing that a little Spanx can't fix :)

Oh, and the price is also atrocious. $300 for a pair of leather leggings! At Marshall's! A discount store! But I guess I get it. I mean, they were originally $948, so $300 is practically a steal. When I tried to explain this logic to my husband, he just laughed.

Yay, 100% leather! But made in China. Boo!

So the verdict? I'm sure you can guess. These pants are still sitting pretty at Marshall's. I'm going to have to wait until they're on SUPER clearance before I can even consider purchasing them. I love the idea of them, but on me they just weren't that great. A bummer because I think they look great on the model and on other celebrities. If the length and rise were just right, then I'd say these would be perfect. But there're too many fit issues to make this a practical purchase. 

And the hunt for leather leggings continues...


  1. You should try to find some coated denim. I think it's fabulous because it looks like leather but it's not. The coated denim jeans are WAY cheaper than real leather. Plus, I find real leather stretches out way too much. Also, coated denim can be washed in a machine, or by hand, so you don't have to spend on dry cleaning. I found some AG coated denim last year at Anthro on major markdown. No, they aren't leggings but they are skinny jeans and I think I'll feel less self-conscious in them than in leather leggings which are tighter looking.

    1. Hi Marisa! Thanks so much for the tip. I have seen some coated denim, but I just haven't found a pair that I liked. Most of them tend to have too much sheen to them, and I prefer something more matte. AG is one of my favorite denim brands so I'll definitely check them out. My local Anthro didn't stock them last year, so I haven't had the chance to see them in person, but I'm sure they won't disappoint :) I also love that I'd be able to wash coated denim - I'm all for saving money on dry cleaning! Thanks again!