Thursday, August 15, 2013


I've really been into oxford shoes lately. I actually think the obsession started about a year ago when I first spotted these Cutout Daisy Oxfords from Anthropologie.


$188 was a little more than what I'd wanted to spend on a pair of oxfords so I waited months and months and months for them to go on sale. When they finally did, they were sold out in my size and now they're sold out completely. I occasionally search in vain on eBay, but since I haven't had much luck there, I've settled on purchasing these Esprit oxfords.

Remember the brand Esprit? I used to be obsessed. Now I only see this brand randomly at outlets and discount stores. When my husband and I were in Paris a few years ago, we shopped at one of their stores on Champs-Elysees and he loved it. Even bought one of their winter coats. C'mon Esprit! Bring back that style I used to be obsessed with in high school!

I bought these for only $19.99 from T.J. Maxx during tax-free week. A steal in my opinion.

I love the similar cutout details and taupe-y color.

Now I admit these shoes look pretty much nothing like the Daisy Oxfords, but there are some similarities, such as the color and cutouts. I've searched for other oxfords and although I can't find anything close to the Daisy ones, I have found some cute alternatives.

On sale $79.90 (originally $119.95)





And now for some not-so-similar oxfords, but equally cute and super fun.


On sale $52.22 (originally $77.95)

On sale $192.50 (originally $275)

On sale $117 (originally $195)



All of these shoes are super cute, but the question is, how do you wear oxfords? I found this to be quite challenging so I did a little research online and looked at pictures for inspiration, and I've come to the conclusion that oxfords look best when paired with cropped or skinny pants - something that's gonna show off the shoe and keep them feminine.

Happy oxford shopping!

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