Sunday, August 18, 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Spiked Heels

I apologize for the weird quality of this photo. The flash didn't go off when it was taken so I had to do a lot of editing in iPhoto, of which I know nothing about.
What I'm Wearing:
AG Leggings

I LOVE these shoes. I blogged about them a while ago in fact. I was so happy to finally make them mine, but when I wore them out for the first time the other night, I realized that not only do they look great on, but they are also the most UNCOMFORTABLE shoe I'd ever worn. How uncomfortable you ask? Well, put it this way - all I did last night was go on a date with my husband. That required me to walk from our house to our car and then from the car to the restaurant, which was about a couple hundred feet. And then we sat down for dinner for about an hour and half. So a good portion of my evening was spent sitting, and my feet were still in so much pain. Afterwards we had some time to kill before we were supposed to meet up with some friends. At this point, we usually just walk around the Town Center and go shopping. But I told my husband that I just could not walk. Can you imagine that? Me, not wanting to go shopping! That's how bad these shoes were. 

First of all, these shoes are a half size too big, but I wanted them so bad that I was willing to overlook that one major detail. Why you ask? Well, I'd been wanting these shoes for months and I'd never been able to find them for less than $100 every I looked (eBay, outlet stores, etc.), so when I found these for $79.99 at T.J. Maxx, I thought they were a great deal. I figured I could add some heel pads and footbed cushions to help with the size.

Well, I did this last night and help it did not. I felt like a stiff robot walking around in these things. The hostess that led us to our table noticed them right away and said she also had this same pair, to which I replied, "Yes, they're great, but these shoes are killing me." She completely agreed with me and confessed that even though she'd spent a lot of money on them (probably retail which was about $150) she only wore them a couple times. But I can't bear the thought of spending $80 on a pair of shoes that I can only wear once (I'm always thinking about price per wear) so I'm gonna do a little more research online and see what I can do to remedy this pair. 

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