Thursday, March 24, 2016

Orla Kiely Charm Now Available

Orla Kiely's long-awaited jewelry collection, titled Orla Kiely Charm, is now available online and all the pieces are GORGEOUS! I am SO excited for this collection, which includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and brooches made with either 18ct gold plating or sterling silver, and ranging from bolder patterns to more subtle daintier pieces.

Let's start with my favorite piece from the collection - this beautiful statement necklace with enamel Abacus Flowers that remind me of my favorite quatrefoil design.

(also available in Cream)
I also love this pendant style - a simpler take on the necklace above. One of the details that I love about this collection is the subtle Orla Kiely logo at the end of the chain.


I've only ever worn a brooch about a handful of times, but I'm very intrigued by this piece and can imagine many styling options for it. I think it would look adorable on a simple blazer.

I love this piece - super cute and casual! And the reversible option is a nice touch.

(also available in Rose Gold £150)
This Stem Pattern Bracelet is pretty much the Laurel Watch...but without the watch face. Although I do love this piece, I'm still holding out for the watch version as it's more practical and has the same design elements.

(also available in Silver £50)
Oh, I love this ring! But it only comes in small, medium, or large - I hope more specifics on the sizing will be available on the website soon.




So what do you think, ladies - are these pieces as beautiful as you'd imagined? Which items are your favorite?


  1. Oh the stem ring!!! Must have. Do you know when these will be available on the US website?

    1. Hey! They're not showing up on the US website yet, but they're available at Amara now (just posted about this today) and they ship to the US!

    2. I just saw your Amara post...thank you so much for everything you do!