Friday, March 25, 2016

Orla Outfit of the Day: Mustard

Pezzella Dahlia Punched Boots (previously worn here and here)
Orla Kiely OK4000 Watch (Haul + Review post here)
Kate Spade necklace

Today was so nice and relaxing since I had the day off for Good Friday. I LOVE having three-day weekends :)

The mustard yellow color of this cardigan is not the only thing I love about it - the scalloped detailing and slightly see-through back are also nice touches.

I actually wasn't sure if I was going to keep this purse when I got it because I had every intention of using it as a shoulder bag...but it barely fits on my shoulder. I was able to squeeze it on here for this photo, but other than that, I've been carrying it as a top-handle bag (the shoulder drop is just not long enough, which really doesn't make sense since it's listed as a shoulder bag). Pretty bummed about that, but it's such a pretty bag that I couldn't resist. I'll try to post a (well overdue) Thursday Purseday post featuring this bag next week :)

Nail polish color: Essie Where's My Chauffer

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Easter weekend!

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