Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Purseday: Orla Kiely Printed Check Leather Sweet Pea Bag

Fall/Winter 2015 collection
Retail $274

I like this bag for its simple design. I think the brown leather would match with many outfits, but the pink lines keep it interesting and unique. The leather does seem quite delicate and prone to scratches, though, so something to keep in mind if you're considering this bag.

Back of the purse.

Bottom of the purse has no feet.

There are two magnetic closures on the front.

I really like the contrasting dark blue sides and shoulder strap.

The inside is unlined and features just one simple pocket and attached key ring.

There are also two tabs on the inside so you can adjust the straps or remove them altogether and carry the bag as a clutch.

One other thing I'll note about this Sweet Pea style is that it's super small. I mean, it's probably the smallest bag I own. I was quite surprised when I got it - I was expecting it to hold much more than it does, but really you can only fit maybe a small wallet and your phone. Keys, makeup, sunglasses, etc will be a tough fit unless you go really compact, so this makes an excellent evening bag, but definitely not something I could use everyday. Still quite adorable, so if you're looking for a compact purse, the Sweet Pea style is a good choice.

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