Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Girl

Does anyone else completely adore the show New Girl? It's quickly becoming one of my favorite shows on television, and maybe even of all time. I love the premise of the show and how all the characters seem to click together. Sure, the guys seem exasperated at times by Jess' antics, but overall they have a great dynamic. If you haven't watched the show yet, it's about a girl named Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) and three guys who share an apartment together - Nick (Jake Johnson), Winston (Lamorne Morris), and my personal favorite, Schmidt (Max Greenfield). After being cheated on by her boyfriend, Jess needs to find a new place to live and therefore moves in with Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. Hence the name New Girl. The show basically follows the dynamic of this unlikely grouping - how Jess, the epitome of weird gets along with her newfound roommates and friends. To say that the guys put up with Jess is an understatement. She has an odd habit of singing at random moments, saying all the wrong things, and just plain being awkward! But she is cute (or as Entertainment Weekly phrased it, "adorkable") At times however, I find that her cuteness can be over the top. I know Deschanel is known for playing Indie, quirky roles, but sometimes I think her character Jess takes it too far (c'mon, the false teeth were just ridiculous - see below). However, I thought Tuesday night's episode Hank Sgiving provided us with just enough of Jess' quirk without being grating. I liked the fact that she had a crush on her coworker. To me, this made her seem more real and normal, even if her crush was just a male version of her - random singing, dorkiness, and all.

I think if the show's writers continue to place Jess in more normal scenarios (breaking up with her boyfriend, having a crush, etc.), it will help balance out her quirkiness. As a result, she'll be relatable to the audience who don't necessarily need all her eccentricities, while still satisfying those who do love all the "adorkableness."

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