Monday, November 14, 2011


This past weekend, I got really sick so I had stay home from work today. I slept for over 10 hours last night, which is a MIRACLE considering I'm lucky to get even 6 hours of sleep on any given night (my mind just never stops racing!) AND I took two naps today. I know my husband will literally cheer and give me a high-five when he gets home from work because he'll know this is quite an accomplishment for me. I just have this bad habit of not knowing how to relax - I'm always stressing over something. So when these rare moments come along when I do get some sleep, I relish them.

Dita Von Teese for Moschino Eye Mask

Probably another reason why I don't sleep all that well is because I have such particular sleeping conditions. It has to be really cold, really quiet (sometimes I wear earplugs to block out my screaming neighbors), and really dark so I wear an eye mask. Check out the really chic eye mask Dita Von Teese designed for Moschino above.

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