Monday, June 11, 2012

J. Crew Ballet Flats

A couple weeks ago, I bought my first pair of J. Crew Ballet Flats from the outlet. I've always wanted a pair so I was excited to see these at such a great price. They were originally $69.50, marked down to $39.99 with an additional 40% off AND I used my 15% teacher discount!

I've been told to size down in these flats because they tend to stretch out a lot, but I found that the size 7s (my true size) fit me just fine. Plus, with my swollen pregnancy feet, I didn't want to size down at all!

I love this pretty turquoise color. They remind me of the Pilcro Tennis Trinket Flats, which I regret not buying to this day. Oh well, these are a good alternative.

Ballet flats are my new favorite shoe. They're so cute and preppy and you can pretty much wear them with any outfit. Also, they're a comfy shoe choice for pregnant women!

I was disappointed to see that these were just synthetic. I figured for $70 they would at least be leather. I noticed that the more expensive pairs at the outlet ($89.50) were made from leather, but still made in China. The Italian leather ballet flats, which are sold in the retail stores, are the ones that will run you about $138.

There is some toe cleavage, which I know bothers many people, but I don't really mind all that much.

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