Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Webster For Target On Sale

I stopped by Target the other day and saw that The Webster collection was on sale. I had been interested in the Tie Front Dress in Plaid Print Navy so I decided to try it on.

Item: Tie Front Dress by The Webster for Target
Color: Plaid Print Navy
Size: XS
Price: On sale $25.98 (originally $42.99)
Overall Rating: 3/5

I took two sizes with me to the fitting room, but ended up only trying on the size XS because I thought it fit me just fine (and this is at 5 months pregnant mind you. I was really excited about that). The sleeves were a bit snug, but again I attribute this to my pregnancy and the fact that I'm not as fit and toned as I was 5 months prior. So for you non-pregnant sized XS women out there - the arm holes should not be a problem for you. I love the puff sleeves and the retro styling of the dress, but I'm not 100% sold on the pattern. I kinda just wish it were a solid print, or even subtle polka dots would have looked really cute. And then I really wasn't sold when I texted these pictures to my husband and asked for his opinion. His reply: "Don't know. Looks a little old style for me." I immediately interpreted that as "old lady", but honestly, maybe that is my style. I'm always drawn to retro dresses, vintage items, and flowery prints that could be described as "wallpaper from your grandma's old house." The dress was lined and I thought the material was really good for Target standards. I think this is probably the most well-made piece out of the entire collection. In the end however, I didn't end up purchasing the dress because I'm still not sure about the print. Maybe if it goes on sale some more, I will reconsider, but for now it's staying behind at Target.

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