Monday, June 18, 2012

Orla Kiely for Bed, Bath, and Beyond

A few weeks ago, Orla Kiely finally launched her collaboration with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I had seen a preview photo in the months prior and thought there would be more designs to come. However, when I visited the store there were only two styles available (both very cute though). 

Here's a list of what's available. I noticed immediately that there were no king sizes listed even though they're available on the website. Not wanting to pay for shipping, I asked a sales associate if I would be able to order it through the store to waive the shipping costs and she said yes. At first I thought it would ship to the store and I would have to pick it up there, but she said she would ship it directly to my house. Also, there were no sheet sets available in the store, which I'm not sure why because that seems to be an important item that customers would want to see in person before purchasing.

Here's the "Stem" bed set, which is the one I wanted. It's her classic design - I love the bright, happy colors and the crosshatch pattern on the reverse side of the comforter. However, my husband wasn't quite sold on the design. He understands my love of Orla Kiely, but he has to draw the line somewhere. And our bedding was where that line was drawn. I understand though - it's his bedroom too and it has to be something that we are both happy with. If we had a guest room, then I would totally deck it out in Orla Kiely decor.

In the meantime, my husband has been quite generous when it comes to the Orla Kiely decor around our house. 

Case in point:

In the kitchen

On top of the piano

On our bookshelf

In the living room

On the floor of our master bedroom

On the chairs in our master bedroom

In the guest room

On our computer desk

You get the point.

Anyway, back to the Orla Kiely bedding!

Here's the "Field of Flowers" bed set. This color scheme actually goes better with the decor in our master bedroom, but my husband didn't like it at all. I don't really mind it, but I do prefer the Stem bed set.

Here are the euro shams $39.99 each. My husband really like the brown crosshatch design, but thought the price tag was quite expensive and I agree. I mean, we would need at least two, setting us back $80 for just the pillow cases with no pillows inside!

Here's the decorative toss $39.99. I really liked this pillow, but the stark white color just made me feel like it would get dirty so easily. And the case is non removable, so it's spot clean only.

Here's the square decorative toss $39.99. This was probably my favorite item out of the entire collection because it combines two of my favorite designs - the stem print and the crosshatch. But again, the white stems, which were made of a velvety material, made me feel like they would stain easily. In fact, looking at all the pillows in stock, each one already looked to be a bit dirty.

In the end, I didn't purchase anything (yet). My husband wasn't too keen on having those gigantic stems in our master bedroom. I tried to compromise by saying we could use the reverse side of the comforter, but at $200 for the king comforter set, we decided that was still too expensive. Maybe if they go on clearance, I will buy the full/queen set to put in a future guest room once my husband and I buy a house. For now, I might just buy the square decorative toss - just waiting for my next 20% off coupon!


  1. Where did you get the print on top of your piano? love it!

    1. Hi Amanda! It's actually some leftover Orla Kiely wallpaper that I had. I just cut off a piece and framed it (I didn't want to waste any scraps!) I purchased this wallpaper from Anthropologie years ago, but unfortunately, it's no longer in stock at Anthropologie or the Orla Kiely website. I'm sure you can still purchase it at one of their shops (about $90/roll) or you can check out eBay. Good luck!