Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Haul: Orla Kiely Candles and Diffuser

I stopped by Neiman Marcus on a recent trip to Orlando, specifically looking for Orla Kiely items, and was delighted to find a whole table full of candles, diffusers, and bath items, all on sale!

It was difficult to narrow down my choices, but I decided on two candles and one diffuser. 

Like I mentioned, they were on sale at the store (but for some reason not on sale online). So if you have a Neiman Marcus near you, definitely check it out! 

When you first open the candles, there's an Orla Kiely-printed piece of cardboard on top, which can be used as a coaster for your candle.

And then underneath that is a little warning.

On sale at Neiman Marcus stores $16 (originally $37)
This candle has a very strong zesty scent. I think this would be ideal to use after you clean your house and you want that clean fresh scent throughout your home.

On sale at Neiman Marcus stores $16 (originally $37)
This has the most subtle scent out of the three. It does smell as described below, but it's not strong or overpowering.

The Primrose & Bergamot candle is housed in a clear glass, while the Fig Tree candle has a frosted finish. I'm actually thinking about using these as drinking glasses once the candles are gone.

On sale at Neiman Marcus stores $17 (originally $39)
This was my absolute favorite scent. It smells SO good! I honestly wish I had bought backups of this diffuser. It definitely smells sweet and relaxing - I imagine it'd make a great scent at a spa. Or place this in your bedroom to feel ultra relaxed as you sleep.

It's of course capped when you first open it. I saved the cap so I can close it up and put it on display once all the liquid is gone.

I love the printed boxes, which can be put on display themselves. And of course once the diffuser and candles empty out, I'm going to display those glasses as well.

The Neiman Marcus I visited in Orlando also had the Geranium Bath Gel, Lotion, & Washcloth Set on sale for $9 (originally $22) and Geranium Soap Bar on sale for $7 (originally $16). 

This was painful for me to leave behind, but I was trying to stay within a budget, so I had to be picky about what I bought. And I only use liquid shower gels, so I decided not to purchase this bath soap (although looking at this picture and the one at the top of this post is making me regret not getting everything on the sale table!)

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