Saturday, May 28, 2016

Orla Kiely Olive and Orange Tents and Camping Accessories at Halfords

Here's the part of Orla Kiely's Olive and Orange range at Halfords that I was most excited for - the tent and camping accessories...and I don't even go camping. But I absolutely LOVE the coolbag and picnic rug, both items that I would use whenever I take my son to the beach or park (please let me know if there are any kinds souls living in the UK that would be willing to ship these to me in the US!)

Coolbag in Moss Green and Pink
This is probably my favorite print from the whole range - both colorways are so pretty!

Picnic Rug in Moss Green and Pink


If ever I go camping, this is the way I'm gonna do it.

I wouldn't be opposed to just setting this up in my living room as decor or a play area for my son - I'm sure my husband would LOVE that :)

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