Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Orla Kiely Spring/Summer Resort 2014

Orla Kiely just released her Spring/Summer Resort 2014 collection on her website. I admit I'm a bit surprised Orla chose such a trendy print for her newest collection when she's known for creating her own unique prints that have garnered her a mass following of fans that adore her purses and accessories. However, the heart print is still undeniably adorable and works well with her retro take on things. Here are the pieces I liked the best. 



Shell Pink
I am OBSESSED with this bag. The color is gorgeous and I like the option of wearing it as a top handle bag as well as a shoulder bag. You must see its sides to truly appreciate its beauty and understand the name of this purse...

I didn't even notice the sides until I was writing this post and saw that the name of the bag was "punched heart." And I thought, "Huh, I didn't see any hearts on the bag." So I clicked on the other views and saw the side design and fell in love even more. How cute is this punched heart design?! And the navy blue provides a quite unexpected yet pleasant contrast to the shell pink color.

Shell Pink

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