Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orla's 12 Days of Christmas: Days 4 and 5

On sale $74.20 (originally $106)
Orla Kiely's Day 4 surprise item was this cute wallet. It's another miss for me as I already have this same style wallet, except in the blue stripy stem print that my husband bought me a few years ago.

Plus, lately I've really been into smaller trifold wallets since all I ever carry nowadays are my credit card, driver's license, and a few gift cards. No need for one of these bigger wallets. I just want something small that I can throw in my son's diaper bag, which is already full of stuff as is. It doesn't look like Orla Kiely is currently offering any smaller trifold wallets on the US site so I won't be looking for that as one of the surprise items (but I'm still holding out hope for some sunglasses!)

On sale $313.60 (originally $448)
Orla Kiely's Day 5 surprise is this dress. Looks like they'll be flip-flopping between a clothing item and an accessory item. Hopefully, they'll start including some home items as well!

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