Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: J. Crew Factory Intarsia Bike Sweater, Charley Sweater, Madewell Sweater, Gold-Button Waffle Henley, Downtown Field Jacket, Printed Bow-Neck Top, Jewel Collar Top, Skinny Ankle Jean, and Long Pencil Skirt

I went to the J. Crew outlet recently when they had their additional 50% off sale AND an additional 20% off of that. Up ahead is a large set of reviews. I've put the original prices as J. Crew often varies their promotions, but currently all items are 50% off with free shipping on $50+ orders.

Size XXS
Bike prints have been a popular trend for the past couple seasons. With just the one bike print on this sweater, it's cute without being overwhelming. The size XXS felt really good on so I'd say this runs true to size. It's a nice lightweight sweater and the grey makes it easy to match. I already have a couple clothing items with a bike print, however, so I decided to pass on this sweater.

Size XXS
I reviewed this sweater recently in an XS, but found an XXS and it was on clearance for about $20. So while I originally passed on this sweater because I already had another black and white sweater, I just couldn't pass this one up at its current sale price. The bows are super cute and it fits just like the Intarsia Bike Sweater above.

Madewell Sweater
Size XS
I was surprised to find a Madewell sweater at the J. Crew Outlet. Surprised and excited, as there's no Madewell store near me. I liked the color of this sweater as well as the elbow patches. It also felt soft and not itchy. What I didn't like was the trapeze fit. Folded, it looked like a fitted sweater. But when I tried it on, I found that it had a more A-line shape and it ballooned out, so this sweater was a pass for me. 

Parisian Blue, size XXS
I think this shirt is a good basic. I like the gold buttons and the waffle texture. It's soft and stretchy, but a bit too clingy. I felt it looked unflattering on me in the front shot. I have a couple of the striped versions which helps conceal bulges, so I'll stick with those and pass on the solid colors.

Deep Navy, size XXS
I don't see this jacket on the J. Crew Factory site, but I do see it on the regular J. Crew site. I'm sure it's not the exact same jacket, but it's pretty darn close. I reviewed this jacket in Mossy Brown in a previous post, and I initially liked that color better. I felt it was more my style and could match more things in my closet. They no longer had that color in a size XXS, so I opted for the deep navy instead. I'm happy with this purchase as I find that I can actually pair it with many things in my closet. Plus, I actually already have a couple army green jackets anyway, so this deep navy is a good break from all my neutrals. I like the gold hardware and all the pocket details. It's fitted yet comfortable, and I can still layer underneath. I prefer the collar to be popped up, but it also looks good folded down. The only thing I don't like are the waist tabs. I put them on the second button to give it a more fitted look, but if I so much as even slightly cross my arms, they pop open. So I have to leave them on the first button instead. Not a big deal, but I just wish the tabs would stay closed. Overall, a great casual jacket that I've already worn a few times. Plus, Claire Dunphy was wearing this on an episode of Modern Family I saw recently and I was sold.

Warm Ivory, size 00
Again, I reviewed this blouse in another post, but in a size 0. At the time, they didn't have a size 00, but when I returned a couple weeks later they had one 00 in stock. I tried it on, and although I didn't see a significant difference, I felt better in the smaller size (maybe it's only a psychological thing, I dunno). Anyway, I decided to exchange my 0 for the 00 and I'm really happy with this purchase. I think it will make a great holiday party top.

Jewel Collar Top?
Size 00
I couldn't find this blouse on the website so I'm not sure what the name or the price is. I like how these jewel collar tops look on the hanger, but on me they just don't translate well. Maybe because I'm not used to wearing a mandarin collar. I usually like to leave all my button-ups open at the top, but that wouldn't work for this blouse - you have to close it all the way to appreciate the collar. Although the jewels are pretty, it's a pass for me.

Classic Rinse, size 24
I've been searching for some new skinny jeans to replace several pairs I was wearing while trying to lose the baby weight. These looked good folded on the table, but I thought they looked terrible on. First of all, the material felt a bit too stiff and rough. And even though it's an ankle fit, they were far too long and bunched at the bottom. I could easily get them hemmed, but overall I just didn't think they looked all that flattering. They had a nice mid-rise and overall fit (again, the fact that I'm wearing a size 24 is ridiculous. I'm usually a 26, maybe a 25, so this is vanity sizing at its finest). But they just didn't have the wow factor for me so it was a pass.

Black, size 00
I also need new skirts in addition to pants. I have a few J. Crew pencil skirts in size 2 that are too big for me now. I plan on getting them altered, but in the meantime I decided to try on some smaller sizes in colors I didn't have yet. Black seemed like a good classic option. The size 00 felt good on. It has the perfect knee-length that's great for work. It's a nice weight - not too light or heavy, and there's a bit of stretch. I was able to buy all my J. Crew pencil skirts for under $30 each, and these were still about $40, so I think I'm gonna wait for more of a sale.


  1. I just bought this same field jacket myself, and I was so excited as I'm pretty sure it's the version from the regular store - there is a factory version that is notably different. I have been eyeing this jacket for well over a year, so I was thrilled to snap it up at this sale when I found it unexpectedly at the factory store. Admittedly, I preferred the olive color as well, but only the navy was available, and it's still a lovely color. This jacket is beautiful, and it was well worth the wait. And in addition to Claire Dunphy, Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation has worn it too!

    1. That's awesome! :) And you're right, this version does look exactly like the one at the regular store, which makes it an even better deal!