Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: J. Crew Factory Printed Bow-Neck Top, Jewel-Collar Oxford Shell, Charley Sweater, and Skinny Cords

Warm Ivory, size 0
(I don't know what's going on with the color quality of the bottom photo, but rest assured it doesn't look like this in real life!)
I remember J. Crew selling this blouse last year, but in silk. This year's Factory version is made of polyester - kind of a bummer, but expected at this price point (I purchased it during their 50% off Black Friday promotion for $37.50. I also had a $25 J. Crew rewards card, brining my total down to a little over $10. Not bad). I actually purchased this blouse for a friend last year for her birthday and really liked it myself, so I'm happy to see J. Crew Factory bring this blouse back. Although I prefer silk, I don't mind the polyester because that'll make it much easier to wash. There's also a very cute bow detail along the front, which of course pairs well with the bow motif throughout. While checking out, the cashier said this blouse was so my style, and I looked at her quizzically thinking, "How does she know what my style is???" And then she gestured to my coat, which was the Herlev Sweater Coat, and then it made sense - my coat and this blouse are super girly. They only had a size 0 in store, which I think looks fine, but I would've like to see how a 00 would've looked. It's still available online, but I wanted to purchase it right away, so I opted for the size 0. The fitting room attendant said it fit me well, and I took her word for it. I do think the overall fit is fine, but I'm still curious if the 00 would've helped with the billowing effect you can see in the side shot. I understand that this blouse is supposed to be a little loose and hence sit away front the body a bit, but I always like my clothes to be as tailored as possible. 

Classic Blue, size 00
I love the idea of this blouse - a classic, crisp oxford shell with a fun and trendy jewel collar. I also love the little ruffles along the collar. However, it just didn't look right on me. Even in a size 00, I still want it to be more fitted. Maybe tucking it into a high-waisted pencil skirt would give it more of the tailored look I want, but for now, it's a pass.

Black White Bow, size XS
This sweater is very cute with the bow print, but I already have another black and white sweater and felt that I didn't need another one. Plus, I liked the striped version better...

Acorn Navy Dusk, size XXS (left), size XS (right)
I remember J. Crew selling this sweater last year and I wanted it so badly, but it was quite expensive and by the time it went on sale, they no longer had it in my size. Last year's version, if I remember correctly, had a few orange stripes throughout, which I really liked and unfortunately, this year's version lacks. But it's still a really cute sweater and I love the stripes as is. I tried on both an XXS and XS and the XXS looked and felt better on in my opinion. The XS looked fine, but again, I like my clothes as tailored as possible. I didn't end up purchasing this because the only XXS had a tiny snag in it and I didn't want to order online and have to wait. Plus, the fact that there was a snag gave me pause about how well this sweater will hold up, so I'm going to wait until it goes on sale some more. 

Dusty Blue, size 24
First of all, this has got to be the most extreme case of vanity sizing EVER! There's no way I'm a true size 24. A size 25 on a "skinny day" maybe, but really a 26. So I was shocked when I had to size all the way down to a 24 to get the look and fit I wanted. The 25s gaped at the waist, so these definitely run big in my opinion. AND there's some spandex so they will stretch a bit over time. I was looking for a pair of corduroys to replace a mint green pair I bought from J. Crew Factory over the summer (those were a size 27, and I've lost a bit of weight, so I needed a smaller pair, but sheesh! I didn't expect to go down three sizes!) These are not the minty green color I was looking for (in fact, they're listed as dusty blue, but these were close enough). The ONLY thing I don't like about these pants is that the leg opening is so skinny that it's hard to get them past the heel of my foot. So these are definitely not pants I'd wear to go shopping, where I'm bound to have to take these pants on and off to try on clothes. Other than that, they fit and feel great, and the dusty blue color has paired well with many things in my closet. I purchased these for half off and they were an additional 25% off, so I bought them for about $30.  

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