Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Orla Kiely Spotted: Giant Rhododendron Wallpaper on Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

A good friend of mine asked me to tune in to the Travel Channel last night to watch an episode of Bizarre Foods featuring restaurants in Atlanta, which we just happened to visit this past weekend. I was interested in seeing which restaurants were recommended and if any of them were ones we had visited while we were there. Within the first few minutes of the episode, I was delighted to see Andrew Zimmern standing in front of a wall covered in Orla Kiely's Giant Rhododendron wallpaper.

Orla Kiely Giant Rhododendron wallpaper spotted on an episode of BF: Delicious Destinations that aired on 7/13/15


I was so excited that I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of the TV screen right away. Not all of my shots turned out well, so I was happy I was able to find clips of the episode online this morning so I could screen shot some of the scenes.

If you have Xfinity, you can probably catch this episode On Demand. It's on the Travel Channel and it's episode 3 of season 2 titled "Atlanta."

You can also watch the episode here!


  1. Odd, that's a restaurant in Minneapolis called Revival.

    1. Oh, really? Hmm, that is interesting...

  2. Odd, that's a restaurant in Minneapolis called Revival.