Friday, February 26, 2016

New Olra Kiely 70s Flower Kitchen Items

Orla Kiely has expanded her collection of 70s Flower kitchen items with the addition of storage jars, pitchers, bowls, and utensil pots (the matching cookware is now available online as well). The pieces below can be purchased at Unique and Unity (I suspect that they will be available in the US via Amara soon). Check out all the lovely additions below - I especially love the storage jars and mini bowls set :)

70s Flower Pitcher (£30), Utensil Pot (£22), and Milk Jug (£18)

70s Flower 1L Storage Jar in Red, Green, and Yellow (£25)

70s Flower Mini Bowls Set of 3 (£32)

70s Flower Bread Bin (£65)

70s Flower Sugar Bowl (£22)


  1. I think I just want the bread bin for now...I can't believe how much new stuff is coming out all the time!! - T