Saturday, February 27, 2016

Orla Kiely SS16 Stem Bags: Poppy Cat in Persimmon and Powder Blue

It's finally here!!! The first of Orla Kiely's Spring/Summer 2016 Stem bag collection has made its official debut on the UK/Worldwide website. This latest print is called the Poppy Cat and it's available in the colorways Persimmon and Powder Blue. I am loving the latter of the two and hope to add a couple of these pieces to my collection - as always, though, it's difficult to choose which ones are my favorites!

Let's start with the newest style addition to Orla Kiely's Stem bag collection - the Small Classic Zip Shoulder Bag which, as the name would suggest, is just a shrunken down version of the classic shown below. I think this is just beyond adorable, and I've been loving how designers have been adding smaller versions of their popular styles - Orla Kiely started last year with the Small Backpack, and now we have this small shoulder bag. I'm not even sure, though, that you could call it a shoulder bag because I'd imagine it would be quite difficult to wear it as such with its shorter shoulder drop - if I were to get this, I think I'd wear it more as a handheld bag or just in the crook of my arm. Still quite adorable, and I'd be interested in seeing it on a model so I can get a better idea of its size.








Which styles are your favorite? Do you think the Persimmon or Powder Blue is better, or do you like both? :) Matching accessories are also available, and I'll be writing about those later on today.


  1. Yay Spring!! I think I'm leaning orange for this one! - T

    1. I like both! I really can't decide! I think, though, that because I already have an orange purse, I'm going to end up getting one of these bags in the Powder Blue colorway since I don't own a bag in that shade yet.