Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Antonio Melani Delores Dress

Antonio Melani Delores Dress
On sale $59.15 (originally $169)

Purchase price: $59.15 (originally $169)
Size: 0
Overall Rating: 4/5

I recently got the Antonio Melani Delores dress at Dillards. Awhile ago, I wrote about the great cut and tailored fit of Antonio Melani, and this dress is no exception. I love the origami-like details along the neckline, and the gold zipper on the back adds a nice touch. I think this is also a work-appropriate dress. Although I like tailored dresses, I think maybe this one is a bit too fitted based on the slight horizontal line you can see across the front of the dress and the um, rear view. This is probably something a little Spanx could fix. And I could've sized up to a 2, but a) there was no size 2, at least at the Dillards I was at and b) the dress fit fine everywhere else and I'm afraid that by sizing up, the tailored look of the dress would be lost. So that, along with the fact that I'm not entirely sold on the belt (I think I have belts that would look better with this dress) is the reason for the A minus. But overall, I still think it's a classic and wonderfully cut dress that can be worn for many occasions.

By the way, I'm wearing the Cheyenne Booties by Michael Kors. I'll be writing a review on those soon.

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  1. Nice dress. I think black leather boots will perfectly compliment this designer dress by Antonio Melani. Can I buy this dress also?